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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $2.95/2 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$99.95/120 days

Review of Skunk Riley:

A skunk is an animal which, in its defense, will emit a horrible odor to keep its prey away. This is not the skunk I will be talking about today. This skunk is a porn star, and while I'm not personally sure about his odor, his focus is on bringing the prey in. His prey is white women, and he does his job well as documented on

Skunk Riley is a black guy who is seen in porn and around the net here and there. His website focuses on some of his sexual exploits with different white women. therefore is an interracial site, with a focus on a common male star and many different female stars. The focus is on Skunk from the design to the pictures to the movies, really.

Skunk Riley has a fairly simple, yet effective setup. The main page gives you links to everything: pictures, videos, adventures, and outtakes. There is a cool animated gif of a skunk with a big dick throbbing, which is pretty indicitive of the content you're getting here! It's a cool little masco to have but at the same time it's nothing that you will care about if the content isn't good. The site is all about simple. Both the picture and the video galleries have only text links, so you don't really know what you're getting into before you see it. This isn't a huge problem with pictures, but downloading a full movie with no preview is a pain no matter what the site is. So in one word, the site design is simple. Not a bad thing, but it might be a little too simple for some of you out there.

Most of you like to horde up the videos, so what is the skunk serving up? Well, the movies here are done in wmv format. For the full length movies, you have the option of downloading the full thing or getting segmented bits of the movie. The full length movies are all over ten minutes long, whereas the clips can be as short as fifteen seconds up to a minute and a half. The movies are decent quality, nothing mind blowingly good or bad. There is some pixelation and darkness, not enough to make you start throwing things around but it's there. At the same time, the movies are sized very well, so downloading is a breeze even with the slightly slow server.

So the movies look ok. The question is, how do they size up action wise? Well, Skunk Riley gets right to the point in these movies. Within seconds the white girl has his dick in her mouth. Not a lot of talking, drawn out scenes, or any of that stuff. The camera angles are good, and they do switch the angles and the action up enough that it never gets real stagnant or boring. The scenes are the typical bj to sex to cum combo, with no real deviations from the formula that seems to work out. Some of the videos include several men, but they all have just one woman. The short videos are pretty useless, everything is done before you even get settled in watching. But the long videos are pretty good and interesting. Content wise, you get about nine full videos, and another dozen or so clips. So it's not a horrible number of videos, but it's not a whole crapload either.

The pictures section on Skunk Riley is a little flawed. The biggest problems are the actual pictures themselves, which are a little blurred and not clear. They aren't horrible but they aren't great either, unfortunately. Not all of them look bad, but some do. It's a tossup, which sucks, because one of the sets you love might have some blurry stuff in it. The pictures are sized and thumbnailled very well, although there is the same problem with text links with no thumbnails as there was with the videos. It's not as big of a deal though, because once you click on the link there are thumbnails of each pic to give you a decent idea of the action. The pictures aren't too heavy either, there are about twenty-four sets of pictures with some of them being from the videos you probably already downloaded, so figure less than twenty unique sets. All in all, it's nothing too impressive or revolting. The pictures are just there. The other two sections are basically throwaway sections.

Skunk is black and his girls are mainly white, so there is a major interracial theme on this site. But unlike many interracial sites, this is not beautiful white porn starlet takes a black man type porn. Instead, it's more like the slightly heavyset, older housewife type of girl. That is probably the lesser popular, which will throw some of you off. At the same time, it might interest some mature women fans who have been searching for some new stuff. The girls, while fitting that model I laid out for the most part, are pretty attractive and have nice bodies considering what they are. Skunk himself is kinda cool, if only because he makes some stupid ass faces all the time and wears cool tshirts that say things like "Wanna see 12"?" and "I Bang White Women"

The site does not appear to be timestamped or have regular updates, if it's updated at all. Theres no way to really tell. There is not a whole lot of sets, I already talked about numbers but to review theres a handful of full movies and about twenty picture sets. Still, it's a good download, if not a fast download. Luckily, there are some extra sites to keep you company with your membership.

As a part of your membership to this site, you get access to all of Dirty D's sites, which include Tampa Bukkake, Crackwhore Confessions, Glory Hole Girlz, Theater Sluts, Ukrain Amateurs, Phoenixx Blaque, The Oral Slut, Blonde Rider, Skunk Riley, Darians Fire, Lacy X, Lauras Black Lust, My White Wife Bows 2 Black Cock, White Girls Black Cocks, and Madame Sloan. Thats a huge number of sites, and they vary in quality and content, but it's just a good deal all around and most of these sites will be reviewed on here if you have any reservations about the bonus sites.


Skunk Riley is a midrange porn site which will most interest interracial mature fans. It's smaller amount of content is pretty good for the most part, if you combine that with the excellent number of bonus sites you get here, you have yourself a good deal at a good price. If you are expecting this site to completely stand on it's own then yes it does also the price would be competitive for that.


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