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Review of MILF Challenge:

Your next door neighbor. Your best friends mom. Your science teacher. Your co-worker. These are all examples of women who could be what is commonly known as MILFs. Moms I'd Like To Fuck. And with the sudden interest in women of the older persuasion comes a wave of websites with a similar theme- Moms I'd Like to Fuck. One of the websites in this wave is a site called MILFChallenge, and we will review it today.

Milf Challenge is a reality site with the theme of trying to have sex with MILFs. Well, that works for me! With MILF sites, the challenge is twofold. The first is of course coming up with some good movies worthy of customers to check out. But the second is to stay true to the MILF theme. With many movies, they just throw on any girl who looks a little older as a MILF. A true MILF *is* older, but is also just really really hot. MILF sites cater to everyone, but mature fans will of course take a special interest in them if done right.

The site design of MILF Challenge is worth talking about. On the main page, there is one large, good thumbnail of the girl, along with a small blurb about her, and links to each video page and a picture page. Each subpage is then thumbnailled with a little more detail. But basically, all of the content is laid out on the front page for you to see. Then you can actually get the stuff by clicking on the links. I liked this site design actually. The thumbnails on the main page were actually big enough for you to get an idea of how each girl was, and then you could go on to get a better idea of each little section. It just worked out good for me. I liked the fact the the main page was real clean with no clutter, but at the same time it wasn't all text links either. Not a typical design for a reality site, as they tend to go either too cluttered or too basic. I thought this was near perfect and liked it a lot.

As a reality site, a lot of focus here on MILF Challenge is put on the videos of course. Before we get into technicalities, lets talk a little about how MILF Challenge is set up. First of all, when you go to the download pages, theres three seperate video pages per girl. Each page has about 5 2-minute segments, or you can download the full thing. Each video page, however, is part of the same movie. So the videos are segmented, with no true REAL full video download. But you can get each movie in three segments, which is cool. Also of note is the weirdness of downloading. One problem I had was you could either stream the video or save the video. Well, being the porn freak I am, I of course saved the videos. On my hard drive, they appeared as EXE files. Figuring them to be self-executable, like zip files almost, I ran them. And got nothing. A big fat nothing. So for a while I sat and cried because I thought I wouldn't be able to download these awesome videos. But you can snag the streamed files, if you follow the instructions given here or if you have a download program you can do it from. Or if you can get the file names and type them in manually. Either way it's a pain, and I wish I could have just downloaded off of the site.

Now on to the actual videos. These videos come in the WMV format. They are available in both low and high quality. At high quality, the video quality is pretty good. When you don't full screen them, there is quite a small screen. So you get a really good quality video. When you full screen it, there is a little blur/pixelation. On one hand it's not really all that bad, but sometimes it can get in the way. All in all you get good quality videos, but not perfect by any means. They are also sized very competitively, and real easy to download.

The action on the videos is also really good. Once it starts. My biggest complaint here is that most of the action doesn't start until well into the first segment. There is a LOT of time spent on the "pickup" section. That, I don't like but maybe some people do. But once the action starts, it's really really good. Nice camerawork and good camera shots, and also just a good selection of the shots. Having a younger looking guy in the scenes helps get across the fact that these are older women. I like it when MILF/Mature sites do that. I mean I don't care too much about the male actors, but I think you get the point across better with younger actors in this case. The videos are definately not overdone, in fact I might consider them even a little overdone, getting a true amateur feeling to the videos and the site in general.

MILF Challenge also has a pictures section. The pictures are vidcaps. When I first went to the pictures section, I felt like there could be some good things happening. The thumbnails for the pictures are done really good, and there is no overwhelming amount of thumbnails and also no overwhemlmingly dumb pictures taken. But when you go for the full picture, thats where you see the pixelation and messiness of the vidcap. Sucks, because it had potential based on the thumbnail and the general setup, but I guess thats life.

The girls on MILF Challenge were VERY awesome in my opinion. They had a lot of girls that were really cute, but you could also tell they had some years on them. I'd say that it's awesome to mature fans because these women are actually mature, but at the same time I think many of them would also appeal to those people who just like "hot girls" and don't care about age as long as they're fine. Well, you can check the previews page and decide for yourself, but I thought the girls on the site were one of the better features of it!

MILF Challenge is updated on a weekly basis according to them. The content is in no way time stamped so theres really not a way to prove that. At the time of review, there were fourteen girls on site. That's about par for the course with reality sites. Also par for the course is bonus sites, you get a lot with MILF Challenge.

The bonus section is split into two sections. The one section I think is from the same webmasters who did this site, and they are: Black Ass Busters, Creampie Surprise, GotFooled, and Throat Jobs. I also think the following sites are exclusive but done by other people: Backseat Suck and Fuck, She Likes it Big, Sex Tour, Gangbangs XXX, Milf XXX, Her First Lesbo Experience, Desperate Teens XXX, Boat Bangers, and He LIkes It Big (gay). Lots of stuff for one low price so that just sweetens the deal!


Despite it's few flaws, I really, really enjoyed MILF Challenge. I would recommend it to all mature fans, most MILF fans and some porn fans. It's a really good site, with some awesome women and I think it's definately worth a peek! And the pricing is really good as well.

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