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Review of Monster Loads:

Godzilla. King Kong. Jaws. These are all famous monsters associated with the movies. King Kong prancing all over the place. Godzilla destroying cities left and right. Jaws eating people like they're nothing. When we first watched those movies, we sat in awe at the feats these monsters could accomplish. We told out friends, holy shit, you gotta see this movie! Well, there is a porn site that is trying to give us an equivalent feeling. The site is Monster Loads, and it is trying to have us sit in awe and say "holy shit" at the amazing cumshots captured within. Does it work? Let's take a look!

Monster Loads is a video based website with a huge focus on one thing: huge cumshots. The movies in here are all full length facial movies. So not only is the focus on big cumshots, it's also on getting the cum on the face. As Jeb Porkins might say, "stay on target!" It's not really much of a reality site, although it is somewhat set up like one. Instead, I'd just call it a straight video sites with a theme that is very specific and also very loose. With facials, the ending action of a video is extremely specific: the cum goes on the face. But with facials, any of the actions leading up to the facial can be very different. There is also no preset limit on the actors either. They can be any color, any age, any look... they just need to have faces and a willingness to get them covered!

The site design of Monster Loads is what I would call a little messy. First of all, there are a LOT of updates to Monster Loads. A lot of content, and I wouldn't normally get into the content this early, but it effects the site design. There is a lot of content, and the site only has three pages of content. I counted close to fifty updates on the front page alone. While it's cool that theres a ton of content, it's not cool sorting through it all. First of all, each update has four thumbnails, one larger and three smaller. This isn't a big deal, but when theres a LOT of updates per page, it can bog you down a little bit. I also like having the pages split up because it helps me keep my place easier. When theres a ton of content on one page, I lose my place sometimes. And you all know how much that sucks! Other than the fact that there is a LOT LOT of material per page, there isn't really a whole lot of complaining to do here on MOnster Loads. Like I mentioned, I'd prefer more pages of content, with more thumbnails to get across the idea of the pictures better. As it is, it's not a bad site design but it could use a little work.

The videos on Monsterloads are the obvious focal point of the site. The videos come in the WMV format. You have the option of downloading segments or just downloading the whole movie. Gotta love the video sites with the full movie options! The movies are all on the main webpage without having a seperate page for them. As I mentioned above, the setup of this is a little sloppy, but it also allows you to download everything right away and easily with a minimal amount of pointing and clicking, so it's not all that bad! The movies themselves are very good quality. They look really good, with good colors and nice crispness. When you full screen these videos, they are a little pixelated but not actually all that bad. Most everyone will be satisfied with the quality of the videos. As far as length goes, these bastards are also pretty long! They average in the 20 minute mark, which is a really good number for videos. Not to mention that theres not a whole lot of "pickup" on the videos, it starts in with the sex nice and early.

The videos are also shot really well. There is a mixture of professional and not so professional porn here, and if you don't know the difference you can't really tell. The videos are shot really well with lots of good camerawork and nice changing angles. Even though these are facial videos, there is lots of action involved that leads up to the facial. It's not just oral videos here. As I mentioned earlier, there is not a whole lot of pickup on the videos. In fact some of the videos just start with the sex straight out, no introduction whatsoever. I like a little introduction, but I don't need to know the girls life story either! So basically the action here is like a real porn movie, not too amateur but also not too overdone. A nice little mixture.

The girls on Monsterloads are on the skankier side of the spectrum. I don't think that there is anything wrong with that, in fact, lots of guys like that. But when I looked at some of the girls, I didn't think porn star, I didn't think my next door neighbor Jenna, I thought, wow what a skank. I thought that if I ever met this girl, I'd probably smell lots of hairspray. Nonetheless, there are some really good looking girls here. Refer to the previews section to see the girls for yourself and see if you like. The action is primarily girl on boy, sometimes girl on two boys. There are a few two girls scenes but for the theme there always has to be a guy involved. There is some anal action on the site, which is good for you anal fans! And of course it all ends in a facial for the most part, gotta stick to the theme! Get it, stick?

There is a TON of content here on Monsterloads. This is the part where I explain the philosophy of the updates. While theres a ton of content that is Monsterloads content, they also mixed in some non-exclusive, seen before videos. All of the videos maintain the high quality of Monsterloads, it's just that some have been floating around the net for some time. The best way to view this is not to say that the site is unoriginal, but that there is some bonus content thrown in alongside the original content. The bonus videos are VERY good, which is why I recognized them as being unoriginal. So all in all, this works out to your advantage as you get even more content. I can't talk numbers too much, but on the first page there is a huge 58 updates and theres THREE pages of content! Wow. Just an awesome number. The site is updated daily, but sometimes those updates come in the form of the cheesy leased content being updated. The actual site content is added about every four days. So there is still an awesome update schedule.

The bonus material on Monsterloads consists of a lot of leased sites, but some really good quality ones like "Bruno B" and whatnot. Definately worth checking out some of the good bonuses. In case you didn't notice in the review, I did not talk about pictures. Thats because there are no pictures.


Monsterloads is a great site with tons of content. It's definately worth a membership for porn newbies, because you will not have seen the awesome non-exclusive content in addition to the regular exclusive site content. Even for the hardened porn veterans, Monsterloads offers some great action and cool exclusive content for you to check out.


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