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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $1.00/3 days, rebills at $39.97
$29.97/30 days
$59.97/90 days

Review of Yank My Crank:

Yank My Crank. Come on, please! The hand is such a beautiful weapon. For us porn watchers, it is the perfect tool for masturbation. Imagine where you'd be if you couldn't use your hand when watching porn. You'd have to go do that weird rubbing against the pillow shit you tried back when you were fifteen. Porn stars also have a very good use for their hands, and that is handjobs. The handjob is a wonderful art, and it is showcased here on Yank My Crank.

Yank My Crank is a reality site based on the art of handjobs. Their tagline is something like, watch them strip and then watch them yank. And that pretty much sums up the site perfectly. When I did my first handjob porn site for pornliving, I praised the concept for being fresh and cool. Now, I've done enough handjob sites for there almost to be an entire category for handjobs on this site! I will still stand by my original comments, however, because the idea for a handjob site is still very cool and fresh. For fans of handjobs or fans of reality sites in general, Yank My Crank delivers some goodies by hand!

Yank My Crank is loosely a reality site, it doesn't fit the profile perfectly but close enough for me. When you first sign into the members area, you are given a page that gives you all of the sites content, as well as bonus sites on the side bar. Each girl is given one thumbnail, and then you can either download videos of the girl, or continue to a photo gallery. The web site design is very simplistic, with very little additional information. It's just like, here you go sir, here is your porn. They don't bother with the little comments that some sites do. There is also no information on the models, other than a thumbnail. While I don't particularly care about those features on a reality site, they do make the site look "fuller" which I think is a problem that Yank My Crank suffers from. Still, I prefer simplicity and easiness over messy complicated websites any day, so the site design of Yank My Crank is effective.

As a reality site, the focus here at Yank My Crank is primarily on the movies. The movies come in three formats: WMV, RM, and MPG and both WMV and RM have the qualities of Cable (768k) and DSL (364k). The MPGs are only available as cable. The videos are segmented into six segments each. The six segments is constant throughout the site, which means that the segment lengths vary from set to set. However, it's generally the case that each segment is 2-3 minutes long making the entire movie in the 12-18 minute bracket. The videos are, at highest quality,great quality. 768k is nothing to sneeze at, and nobody is sneezing here when they see these videos. Great quality, beautifully full screened, and nice to look at: these videos are great! There is a little pixelation when fully screened, but these are some of the nicer looking porn videos on the web. The only real complaint about the technical aspect of the videos is that each file is not uniquely named. That just makes downloading and viewing a bit more of a pain, especially with the high segmentation. I would definately look at this problem if I were a webmaster, because it can lead to unhappy customers.

I was also real impressed by the camera work done by the folks at Yank My Crank. With a site like Yank My Crank, there isn't a lot of variety in shots. However, I thought Yank My Crank did a really good job of changing angles and keeping the shots interesting. I also think they did a good job capturing the essence of the girls giving the hand jobs, making them look happy and interested. Let's face it, giving a hand job isn't exactly the most exciting sexual thing in the world. Hell, if I ever did it, I might doze off. But these girls looked completely into the entire process all the way through. And Yank My Crank isn't just about handjobs either, and all the other acts covered were done well and with taste I feel. I never got bored with the videos here, and quite the opposite, found myself watching ever segment of every video. So as pure porn material, Yank My Crank passes with flying colors!

Yank My Crank also has a pictures section. The pictures section is really great for a reality site! So often, I sit here and complain about sites having vidcaps.. and bad ones at that. Well not only are the pictures on Yank My Crank good, but they might not even be vidcaps. I watched the videos of "Desire" and then went to the pictures and did not experience any deja-vu. I might be wrong, but consider the fact that this hardened porn reviewer couldn't tell if these were caps or not, and if they were originals or not. Then you'll realize that the pictures section on Yank My Crank is really good. The pictures are sized at 800 x 600 pixels and are pretty crisp and clean. You won't sign up to Yank My Crank for the pictures, but I can guarantee you that you will spend some time in a surprisingly good picture gallery here.

The girls on Yank My Crank are very, well, yankable! I found the girls to be really good looking, some in a "cute" way and others in a just all-out beautiful way. Either way, I was not disappointed with very many of the girls on here. The only disappointment really is only getting one thumbnail to check them out before downloading the videos. In some cases, you don't get to see how hot one girl is because of a bad or odd thumbnail. Yank My Crank is primarily about handjobs. However, there is lots of foreplay and stripping also involved in this site, so you can truly enjoy the beauty of the girls as well as their handiwork! There isn't a lot of penetration here, if any, but that doesn't make it a bad site. Just a little different. There was even a set I saw that had some mutual masturbation in it, which I thought was cool and refreshing as well. Nothing but compliments as far as the girls and the action go!

Yank My Crank is updated twice a week, pictures being added first and then videos being added a couple of days later. It's a really cool update schedule as far as I'm concerned, and is one of the membership perks. At time of review, there was a total of fourteen sets up on the site, which makes it well worth the money in my opinion. On top of that, Yank My Crank is a part of Triple X Media's reality network, which also includes the sites: Borderbangers, BlackBrosWhiteHos, Mommylovescock, Milkmycock, College Fuck Fest, Rectal Rooter, and Tranny Hunt. Just a great deal here and well worth checking out!


Yank My Crank is a very good site, with very few flaws and lots of quality porn. With an additional bunch of like minded bonus sites, I highly recommend this site and this network. Yank my crank baby!

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Main entry page A gallery Video updates


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