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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days
$99.95/180 days

Review of Caged Tushy:

Remember those women in prison movies? They played on TV after midnight, and there was a million of them. And sometimes I wondered, how the hell could there be 12 movies with the exact same storyline being produced? Well, I figured it out. When the storyline is that there are hot women alone in prison, the actual story doesn't matter much! The prison aspect of porn has also been around for a while. I remember a prison scene in an early Debbie Does Dallas I believe. But lately, with so many other fetishes to satisfy, it's been pushed back a little bit. Until now, when we have the website Caged Tushy (lol), a website all about women in prison.

Caged Tushy is a women in prison site with an older style look in this day. The theme of women in prison is adhered to strictly, and it's a cool theme for those of us with a fondness for the idea after watching all those softcore movies with the same theme for so very long. In every series, there are girls behind bars, absolutely no exceptions- which is cool, that they held onto the theme so very well. The site itself could use a little work but as far as keeping up a cool, unique theme, Caged Tushy gets an A+ in my book.

The site design is almost prehistoric. I hate to say it, but it's true. The site looks like something you'd see in the mid nineties. And while those sites did have some good qualities, time improves everything, and this is no different. My biggest gripe would have to be with the index page. On the index page, there are text links to each section, and underneath that, theres just a random splattering of thumbnails leading you to sets but not put together in any cohesive way. The current picture updates are given as text links only. When you go into the individual picture and movie sections, there are also site design issues that will be addressed later. And finally, on the bottom of the page, there are a lot of ads. I just don't feel like I should be subjected to ads when I pay 30 dollars for a site. Enough is enough!

The videos on Caged Tushy come in two formats: WMV and Real. It's nice to have two different choices for videos, although I really don't think many people go for Real Video nowadays. But still, choices are good. Each video set is segmented into four segments. The size and length of these segments are different, because the site was designed so that every set would have four segments, not that every segment would be x minutes long. This still works good because it's a set way that every video set is, and I prefer that. As it is, most of the segments run from 1-2 minutes and are around 5-8 MB each. The quality on these videos is actually pretty good, I was impressed to say the least. There was some pixelation when full screened, but the quality was pretty good when you take into consideration the file sizes and ease of download. Pretty good in all areas here. The only gripe with the videos section would have to be the way its presented. You are given all the sets on one page, and that one page has only one thumbnail per set and no other details. Prehistoric, and ridiculous considering what most sites give you as far as information for the sets. At the same time, the videos are good, so that erases a lot of complaints in my book.

The action on the videos is also nothing to sneeze at. The main theme is strictly adhered to, and thats that these here are some prison girls. The videos are kind of tame compared to some porn out there, but by no means softcore. There are a few sets where there was just some light fighting/ripping clothes off. I would say that the camerawork here was "average" at best. I could have used a little better work as far as the camera goes, as it seemed like they went in for too many closeups and not enough varied shots for me. But still, everything was technically pretty sound. Overall, the videos were really good, and the only thing that brings them down a bit was the weak site design that made it a little difficult to get the good videos.

The pictures section was also a mixture of good pictures and weak site design which lead to a lukewarm experience. One great thing was that even though the pictures and videos were taken at the same time, the pictures are not vidcaps. Very awesome as most picture fans (including myself) hate vidcaps and the idea of doing both independently is very cool. Unfortunately, the pictures section here on Caged Tushy is done somewhat poorly. I say that because Caged Tushy employs a very old version of a picture thumbnailler which is hard to use and just old. Instead of writing their own html, they used this program and it really hurts the site. My biggest problem with it is that it has the annoying dropdown menu of switching to different pages within the galleries. I really don't like that. The pictures themselves do not disappoint though, they are all pretty clear and crisp, with will-taken shots. A few of the pictures look older and not so good, but they are clearly in the minority.

The girls of Caged Tushy range from extremely hot, to looking like they belong in a female prison. Most of them fall solidly in the middle though, good looking girls who are not dogs by any means but also aren't stunningly beautiful. The action varies from set to set, but for the most part its on the softer side of hardcore, with not a lot of penetration and stuff. There are some all girl sets, and also some sets with men. Theres some weird sets where its just some fighting between girls, which is cool by me but also kinda weird! There is also a few spanking sets and a few "full body cavity search" sets, for those of you who like that kind of stuff. Basically, the site is not a letdown at all as far as girl and sex quality goes!

Caged Tushy is updated twice a week, once with a video update and once with a picture update. Unfortunately, there are no bonus sites. There is a section for letters and stories however! At the time of review, Caged Tushy had a respectable 44 sets available for download and enjoyment. This is a nice number which also helps to outweigh the weaknesses of the site!


Caged Tushy is all about balance. The site is a balance of having some really good points, and some really weak ones. In the end, Caged Tushy is definately worth it- but its weaknesses should be noted alongside its strengths.

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