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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, RM, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of Tushy Lickers:

Annilingus. Rimjobs. Rimming. Whatever you may call it, it's an art that is sometimes lost to the world of porn. This is when you take your tongue to another persons ass. Some people are heavily disgusted by this act, so oftentimes, mainstream porn leaves the act out of their videos. However, as with any fetish, there is a huge market of people who love this act. And I have found a site that lives up to their expectations of all ass licking, all the time, and it is Tushy Lickers.

Tushy Lickers is a website that is all about ass licking. The name of the site is kind of funny. Tushy is a term used by parents when saying "ass" to their kids, more often than not. However, I always thought the term to refer to the outer "cheeks" of the ass and not to the inner hole. Whatever the definition, these girls go tongue deep in asshole, so forget descriptions and dive into this website. Tushy Lickers reminds me of an old school pay site, perhaps from the late nineties. The focus is on ass licking, and personally, I don't care to see a lady lick a man's asshole. Luckily for me and anyone else who is not a big fan of this act, Tushy Lickers has many more sets of girl on girl ass licking than girl on guy ass licking! I found the concept cool because it's one that will cater to a certain fetish subgroup, but at the same time, anyone who likes porn can get into these movies. Nice balance.

As I alluded to in the previous paragraph, Tushy Lickers employs an older style of site design. When I first entered into the site, I was quite worried that this was going to be a terrible site. I mean, it just looks bad. When you enter the main members area, it just looks like an old site you found from a TGP page. It has a lot of small thumbnails that do not look very good that lead to the various sets. And on the bottom theres quite a few links. The videos page is set up with just one thumbnail as an example, and there is absolutely no text describing anything. This includes no movie lengths, file sizes, or anything like that. Just blam, heres your porn kind sir. The pictures section is much the same, little thumbnails, no descriptions, and a prehistoric setup. It just does not look like a modern day porn site. However, looks can be deceiving, and in this case they are.

The video section of Tushy Lickers is set up like an old porn site. All of the sets load in one page, and each set only has one thumbnail for you to decide whether you like the series enough to download videos or not. The videos are segmented into four segments, which vary in length depending on the length of the entire set. Most of the segments run from 1-2 minutes long. The videos are offered in either WMV or Real Video format. I went for WMVs and most of the segments were sized at about 4-7 MB each. Which was a really managable size, and it sort of made up for the fact that some of the thumbnails were bad. What really surprised me was that the videos looked REALLY good. I mean, these videos were awesome quality. With all the rest of the small problems I outlined, I expected crap videos. Not true. The videos looked really really good. Now, the quality wasn't perfect. But there was only a little noticable pixelation at full screen. They looked pretty clear as well, I just was shocked that these videos were this good. The action on the videos was also up to par with the quality.

The videos were shot very well. The camerawork was done really well, and the angles really worked out good. With a theme such as "ass licking", you wouldn't expect to have a lot of camera variety. This somewhat holds true, as there is a lot of concentration of the closeup of the tongue moving in and out of the ass. But still, it worked out really well for the site. I just didn't find myself bored by the videos at all. The action was switched around a bit, but most of the videos were so short it didn't really need to be switched up too much. The videos were crisp and clear, and I never found myself frustrated with the camera shots. It just shocked me that the videos were put together this well when the site looked so ancient. Such is life, I suppose!

The pictures section is a slightly different story. The pictures are taken from the same sets as the videos, however these are not vidcaps. Instead they are well-shot pictures taken from a camera. The quality is jumbled though. I saw some picture sets which were clear and taken from good pictures. And I saw some which were absolutely terrible by todays standards. The pictures just have that graininess and bad look to them that reminds me of when I used to get pictures from newsgroups back in 1996. They just didn't look good at all. So thats a tossup, but the pictures generally are pretty good, just a little aged in some cases. Another problem I had was that the thumbnails were pretty bad in my opinion. First of all, the site uses a thumbnailling program associated with a lot of free sites, and while its a solid structure, you expect more from a pay site. I also don't like the way to move from page to page in this type of gallery. It's not a huge deal, but it's a bunch of little things like this that took away my enjoyment of the pictures.

The girls on the site are very impressive. The models featured on Tushy Lickers were very attractive women with very good bodies. I found the girls to be really, really good looking but at the same time they looked pretty natural. Most of them didn't let off the skanky porn star vibe. There was a nice variety of women, although most of them where very attractive white women! The action on the site was basically a lot of ass licking. There were some bonus videos where there isn't as much ass licking and some straight sex, but for the most part there is just a lot of ass licking here on Tushy Lickers. As I mentioned, the site does have a lot of lesbian ass licking. Which can be enjoyed by most people, becuase usually the gross out factor in annilingus is the man-ass factor. There are some man-woman segments as well, don't get me wrong, but they are outnumbered by the cool lesbian stuff!

With a membership to Tushylickers, you get no bonus sites. There is a letters section and a stories section to keep you busy, however. The site is updated twice a week, once with a video update and once with a picture update. This is a good update schedule which should be commended! As it stands at the time of review, there was a total of about 68 sets. This is a huge number despite the short-ish nature of the videos, and definately makes up for the lack of bonuses and is worth the price of admission.

Despite some obvious flaws, Tushy Lickers is actually a really good site made good by it's quality and quantity of videos. I'd recommend a membership based on the good videos alone. Unfortunately, theres not much else as far as meat goes- but it's still worth it. A great deal for fans of ass licking and a good site even for those who aren't the biggest fan, due to the awesome lesbian series.

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Main entry page Video listing Photo series


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