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Review of CL Erotic:

Every guy loves a cheerleader. It's not always because of the cute outfit, although that helps in many cases. It's also not always because of the physical fitness and the cuteness of the cheerleader, even though that is a prerequisite in many cases. The thing that a lot of us like about cheerleaders is that they are extemely flexible. These girls can put their legs over there heads without even thinking about it. And that makes for a very nice, easy entry when we get those cheerleaders in the bedroom! Now, you don't need that flexibility to be a cheerleader. And there are plenty of girls out there with that awesome flexibility, and using Cl-Erotic you can view some of those girls!

Cl-Erotic is a site focused on girls with some very nice flexibility. Girls that can fit their legs behind their heads, spread their legs out FAR.. mm mm mm.. just some nice flexible girls. The theme is adhered to strictly... and you can see the theme throughout every picture on the site. Very focused and deliberate here, and it works good. The question will just be whether you like the theme or not!

Cl-Erotic has a very simplistic, effective site design. I enjoy the site design, even though it is pretty bare bones at its core. The members page just has text links to the various sections of the site, and little descriptions about the sections. There is also a sidebar with the same links. The sidebar is static throughout the sub-pages so you will be able to navigate the site no matter where you are! The site design is clean and simple, nothing to complain about and nothing to wildly compliment either. The site features both pictures and videos, although there is definately a bigger emphasis on the pictures.

The pictures on Cl-Erotic are pretty high quality. The pictures come across crisp and clean. They are also thumbnailled really well, with one complaint being that every thumbnail is on one page, which could be annoying for some with slow connections/computers. I wouldn't know because my computer is kinda good icon_smile.gif The thumbnails are also very good, small enough to not be annoying but you can still get a pretty good idea of whats going on in the full size picture! The pictures are 533 x 800. I really thought the picture quality was really good, I cannot complain one bit about anything as far as quality goes here, very good job.

The action in the pictures is a little different. There are five different sections to the pictures section, girls alone, fetish girls and girls, girls and boys, and girls tied up. The girls alone section is by far the biggest. In all of these sections, the pictures are very very "posed up" and look almost unnatural. They look like the pictures that would come out of a porno magazine pretty much. Some people like that, so it will be good for those of you that do. For a site where pussies are stretched as far as they possibly could go, the site is surprisingly not very hardcore. In the galleries I perused, I saw no penetration. This is including the boy girl galleries. I also saw a very little amount of skin. If you're going into this site expecting tons of hardcore shots, I'm sorry but you may be a little disappointed. However, if you like the more light, classy photos... this site is right up your alley. It's not softcore at all, it's just not completely hardcore.

The videos on Cl-Erotic are in the Real Video, AVI and Windows Media formats. The Real Video is constant throughout, with the other two being a second option through the archives. The newest videos are only available in Real Video. The videos are pretty short, about two minutes per segment. Total for each girl would be about 10-15 minutes. The videos are also not the greatest quality. They are kind of grainy in the small screen. I was expecting a grainy full screen shot as well, but they weren't too bad. Granted, they weren't great, but I could see myself enjoying the full screen videos. The videos are all thumbnailled with the exception of the oldest videos, which are also only available as Real Videos. Kind of a thrown together mess of a video section, but if you consider it a supplement to the pictures I guess it's not that bad of a section.

The action in the videos is similar to the action in the pictures. There is more teasing and posing done for the video camera, putting it in motion makes it hotter sometimes. Theres still a lot of spreading and stretching, but nothing very hardcore at all. The videos are all of girls who have pictures on the site. The videos here really are a supplement. Theres a good number of videos, but included in that count are the segment pieces. I can't get a good grasp of how many sets are featured here due to the setup, but I'd say probably about 20-30 video sets here. I definately wouldn't sign up here as a video only fan, but if you like pictures it can make for a nice supplement.

The women on the site are fairly attractive Russian-looking girls. There are no real dogs on here, in my opinion, just a lot of really attractive women who definately fit the roles well. I noticed that there is a lack of bush shaving in some of the girls, not really crazy with hair up to their belly button or anything, but I would consider them "hairy." Might wanna shy away if thats not your thing, or check it out more if it is your thing! This is also a decent site for leg fans, as there are a lot of good leg shots here on the site.

As far as extras go, you get nothing really too special with Cl-Erotic. There are no bonus sites and also no leased sites. There are some links to some like-minded websites, and also a story section and a very overpriced shop section. However, there is a lot of content on Cl-Erotic. I already talked about videos, in addition to that theres about 64 different models on Cl-Erotic. Each model has multiple photo shoots, at least 2 or 3 each with some champions having over 10. So there is plenty of picture content for you to enjoy and take in! On top of that, the site is updated every three days with new content, so you will get a good cycle of new stuff here.


Cl-Erotic is a good site for fans of flexible, spreading women, especially those of the Russian persuasion. I can't see the site being too appealing to people who don't like the theme, although softcore and leg fans might want to check the site out as well. It has a theme, it sticks to it well, and while the site seems to have a late nineties look and feel about it, it still works for me and is very good in my book.


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