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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: RM, Windows

Prices: $20.00/30 days
$50.00/90 days

Review of Lust Series:


Sadly, I've got pathetic spanish skills, but after reading a bit of the ad copy here, I suspect this one reads a lot better en espagnol. I tried to figure out how much of the content I'd be looking at was original to the site, but I couldn't really come to any conclusion, as the introduction page is full of head-benders like, "We will try all costs that the money which you have spent in your subscription it´ll be compensated." In other words, you're gonna get what you pay for, so trust us.

Judging by the home page, though, fresh content and simple design work make this site a contender, particularly at the reasonable price of $15/month. It looks to be aimed at the softer, couples' end of the market, though the site doesn't seem to shy away from anything in particular. The video section seems to be coming along nicely, but the large format, high-res photos are clearly the site's bread and butter. Oh and did I mention that the models look fantastic? This obviously isn't a mega-site, and there aren't any bonuses or obvious whistles and bells, but the content seems to be of an extremely high standard and there's a pleasant absence of banners and popups.

Getting into it:

I'll admit to being a video fiend, so it's always to the flics that I go first. With streaming and compression technologies changing as rapidly as they have been, videos always give a sense of the technological strength of a site. After looking at the featured models at Lust Series I was pretty excited to see what was in store. Alright, there's not a lot here. I count 21 shorts, ranging from 8 to 16 minutes in length. Everything's in .avi format with a choice of two resolutions. There's a girl-girl scene and a couple girl-guy flics that even move into anal territory, but to be clear: overall, this is pretty standard single-model masturbation stuff. The camera work varies a bit, from full-on wobble vision to hide-it-in-the-towels bathroom voyeur cam, but the quality's generally pretty good. More importantly, the performances range barely lukewarm to fairly hot.

The shower stuff strikes me as silly, but the masturbation vids suggest that the vibe between the production team--probably just some dude with a camera, from the looks of it--and the models is warm and friendly. The sex, however scant, is pretty dynamic as well, so here's hoping that develops this a bit more in future updates. Oh, and I'd be remiss not to have a brief bitch about the audio. Again, I don't know how much of this is original content, but basically, the soundtracks suck, unless that is you're into experimental noise music or get off on identifying the camera model by the distinct signature of the whine it produces. Clearly, I'm just grumping at this point, so I'll move on to the pics.

Photo galleries are browseable by model or by thumbnails. All up there's something like 100 galleries of really sharp, 768X1024 (or thereabouts) pics with 100 photos per gallery on average. Full props to the photographer(s), as this stuff is large format, glossy, print-worthy stuff. Think Playboy with a bit more pink and a slightly greater diversity of feminine form (nice). The content is all single model poses, with a random sprinkling of sex, but, as with the vids, the model- photographer relationship seems quite cozy and the girls look great! Download managers are mandatory if you aim to collect the stuff, however, as there's no option to dowload zipped galleries in their entirety or any built-in slideshow feature.

Thankfully, single photos open in a new page, so you're spared endless back-button mousing.

The lowdown:

Big, beautiful still pics, spritely young creatures, and fresh content make worthy of consideration. The film library's growing and shows promise, though there probably isn't enough here to put the flics on par with the photo galleries. Given the emphasis on the stills, full gallery downloads or a slideshow feature would really make the visit more pleasurable, but on the merit of the content and the beauty of the models alone, this one stands out as a nice addition to the adult websites out there that fall somewhere between soft- and hardcore. probably doesn't have the depth to keep members coming back month after month, but if you've got the time to grab a sizable share of the photos and videos on offer, you're unlikely to be disappointed with the collection that results, especially at the price of around 50c per day.

Video Format: X-vid codec .avi files in 2 qualities

Pics: many 768X1024, all high-res large jpegs

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Browsing by model Browsing videos Browsing pictures


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