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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $1.00/3 days, rebills at $39.97
$29.97/30 days
$59.97/90 days

Review of Mommy Loves Cock:


A lot of so-called bonus sites are underdeveloped low-grade platforms for pop-ups, banners, and other kickback scams, so just to be clear: your membership at is actually a membership to 7 complete sites, all brought to you by the folks at Triple X Media. The complete list at present includes:,,,,,, and It's a lot to digest for a lone reviewer, so I'm going to cut to the chase.

The details:

Thinking that I was reviewing only, I wasn't overly impressed by the looks of the site. As I said above, I've got a healthy skepticism about "bonus sites," so I tend to ignore anything under that heading until I've checked out the meat and potatoes. The "mature" models on offer here varied a bit in what I'd call conventional beauty; some of them are still in their prime, while others are a bit further advanced, let's say. No fair bitching about models being too mature on a mature sight, though. It's probably only to the credit of the site that its models range from Mothers-I'd-Like-to-Fuck to Grannies-I'd-Rather-Not. The site's star and host, Brian a.k.a. the Muthafucka, introduces himself in one of the flics as an unemployed 18-year-old who does well to smoke a little weed and pass his days with Playstation. He's obviously got other ambitions, though, as he enthusiastically plows his way through the cast of models who respond to his newspaper ads.

In short, there's nothing ground breaking here, but the downloadable vids and small photo galleries set the standard for the rest of Triple X Media sites bundled in the package, so I'll review the specs here before getting into the rest of the content. All of the films are downloadable, and the more recent come in a choice of three bandwidths as well as a choice of mpg, wmv, or ram formats. I had bad luck with a few of the Mpeg-4 files (despite trying to keep my Xvid codecs updated), so I settled on the Real Media format pretty quickly. The highest quality flics are listed as 768kb/s, though my player identified the bulk of them playing back at 626kb/s. The lower resolution files seem to be around 300kb/s and 56kb/s.

Photos are clearly not the focus of any of these sites. They're all basically snaps from the film shoots, so don't expect any glossy magazine-style poses. Galleries tend not to be too sizable either, and with the highest quality photos coming in at 600X800 and most looking fairly grainy, I decided quickly that I'd stick to the vids and consult the pics only to get a sense of what the films are about.

After cruising around for a couple of hours between the rest of the sites, I guess I'm mostly just struck by what you can get people to do for $50 these days. Okay, granted the "models" at are sufficiently dumbed, I mean numbed, by alcohol not to know what they're doing and your friendly neighborhood "tranny hunter" feeds sedatives to his "job candidates," (or at least makes a good show of pretending to and gets the models to go along with it). It's still pretty impressive that the extensive content compiled by Triple X's various film crews and Dicks comes as cheaply as it seems to. Each of the sites has between 10 and 20 original films, broken down into 5 or more segments each. While it's clearly not the biggest adult film archive going, it's certainly a lot of original content to find in one membership.

In the end, I spent most of my time hanging out at I tended to find their video clearer, and the content was consistently amusing, even when it was just a bunch of sloppy frat boys and sorority sisters hanging all over each other in some drunken semblance of dance. And who doesn't enjoy watching a proper keg stand? In all fairness, though, the crew manages to film girl-girl and girl-guy sex at every party they attend, and where there's a lull you can count on a steady flow of breast flashing. Basically, the site's on-location duo are great provocateurs, and this site is sure to have countless fathers of college girls uncertain of whether they should be wanking or considering transferring their daughters to Catholic girls schools.


For serious fans of interracial, TV/TS, mature, Latin, or teen porn, there probably aren't a lot of reasons to consider parting with $30 a month for what the Triple X guys have to offer in your niche of choice, unless you've got a mission to create the definitive [insert your fetish here] collection. If you're generally curious and like minimal, impromptu performances, however, there's a lot going for this 7 site bundle. It's looking like only one site per week is being significantly updated, but given the amount of material already up, a one month membership easily justifies itself in terms of novelty and pure range of content. Again, if you've got a particular fancy in the adult market, you might do well to stick to your guns. This said, if you're looking for wide range of original content and don't care to spend your money on mainstream "mega-sites" this package is definitely worth a look.

Bonus sites/main Episodes list A photo shoot
Bonus sites/main Episodes list A photo shoot


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