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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of BJ Quickies:

Sometimes, theres just not enough time. Not enough time to go for the entire sex ritual. You need to get to work, you need to get to a party, you are hiding in a closet at your grandmothers house... all viable situations where you want to get your rocks off, but you don't have the time or patience to have a full blown sex situation. What are you to do, not do anything at all? No, that is not an option. We have these urges that sometimes cannot be controlled. So you just do a little oral, a little fooling around, and try to get off that way. Enter the concept of Blowjob Quickies.

Blowjob Quickies is a reality site which focuses on only one thing: blowjobs, and quickly please! I think it's actually a cool idea for a site. First of all, I hate blowjob only movies that last 20+ minutes. Yeah, she's chowing on the bone, I understand, now lets finish up or move on! So I thought the idea of having some quick, five minute, pop in pop out blowjob videos would be a very good idea. We'll see if it is!

Blowjob Quickies is a member of the MeatMembers network, and as such when you login in you are taken to that site and then need to select Blowjob Quickies.. and then put in your password again here. An extra step, not a huge deal but it's what it is. Once you do that, you are taken right to the content. Unlike other sites, where only latest updates are shown on the first page and then you move around, on Blowjob Quickies the updates are split among four pages, with all the downloadable links right there on the main page. It makes for an easy download and site browsing if you consider that these are mainly videos, and you won't be spending much time working through the site, just clicking and downloading. Each set has four clear thumbnails (an ample amount to tell if you should download it or not) and then the links to download videos or check out pictures. I like this set up. It's effective for this site, and works well. The only minor problem would be if you go back to downloading stuff after logging out, you need to go through a few pages to get to where you left off. Not a huge deal, but it's the only flaw of this sort of navigation.

The videos are the highlight of Blowjob Quickies. These videos come in either WMV or MPG format, for the most part. There are a few where WMV is replaced by Real Video, and others where you can only get MPGs.. but in short, you can get a file playable in Window Media in every set. They claim the quality of their MPGs are a bit better than their WMVs, but the MPGs are bigger downloads. There is only one quality of video available. And the quality of those are pretty good. Now, when you full screen these babies.. they are not crystal clear, there is some bluriness but you won't mind unless you are an ultra quality nut who likes things like they are on the VCR or DVD. The movies come in segments. And the weird thing is, I usually like to say how long the segments are, but they are really varied from girl to girl on Blowjob Quickies. Some are 2 minutes, some are 3 minutes, and a few are even 4 minutes. And theres some with no segments and just one file. The consistency in the files is that each girl has 3 or 4 segments, with the exception of the few that don't have any. Wow, that was a mouthful. But basically what you get here are acceptible segmented videos, although since these are "quickies" I think a full video could be used.

The action on the videos is shot very well as well. Since these are short movies, they won't get boring to you. The typical video will start out with the girl, doing a little foreplay with herself, then maybe the guy playing with her a bit, and then bang out comes the wang. Theres a few where it comes out right away. The camera man is focused mainly on the side view of the blowjob, although you also get shots from the POV perspective. They do a nice job switching the camera angles, like on the video I just saw it started in POV, then side view, then the other side view, and then POV again. Nice work with this, because seeing a BJ without camera movement can be boring at times. Unlike some blowjob sites, the movie doesn't end quite with the cumshot. Instead, the girl plays around with the jizz a little bit, smiles, and then its over. I don't really like those movies where its like UHHH CUM and then the movie stops. I mean, I don't want to see the dude smoking a cigarette or anything either, but let's see how good of a job he did!

Blowjob Quickies also has a pictures section. Like many reality video sites, the pictures are vidcaps. They have a bit of that pixelation to them, like watching the movie in full screen. For what its worth, they at least have a nice selection of pictures, without being repetitive or having useless shots. But still, the quality is way bad for picture fans, and the only real reason of saving a picture because you like a girl is also invalidated because of the pretty bad quality. But thats pretty much par for the course with realityish sites, so I'm not too surprised or shocked.

The girls on Blowjob Quickies are all younger type, good looking for the most part but not ultra beautiful. Not quite your girl next door type, but also not your hardcore porn star either. Just decent lookng girls. There is no set type of girls for the theme, except for maybe having a mouth. Well, all the girls have mouths, and the girls are a nice mixture of girls. There isn't a whole lot of diversion, but as a whole the girl selection is good.

Blowjob Quickies updates their site regularly. The schedule appears to be every two weeks, which is pretty good considering the extras. At the time of review, there were fourteen sets of blowjob quickies available for you to devour. While thats not a mind-blowing number, it's a solid one which makes Blowjob Quickies a good buy on its own. But you also get a ton of content as it is part of a reality network.

The MeatMembers network includes the following sites: Blowjob Quickies, Cock Brutality, Frank Wank, Meatholes, Midnight Prowl, Nuts on Sluts, Piss Mops, Porn Jackass, Teen Slam, White Meat on Black Street, and new additions Cum Farters, POV Pervert, and Young Ripe and Ready. 13 sites for the price of one!! The one downfall of this network compared to others is that a few of the sites might not appeal to some people at all. But still, it's a killer deal. The MeatMembers site also has some cool stuff, like webmasters favorites and behind the scenes videos. Each of the sites on the Meatmembers page has a thumbnail of the latest update and date, so you can easily track and get the latest material when it's posted.


Blowjob Quickies has a nice concept, good execution and good quality. In a nutshell, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Blowjob Quickies and it definately deserves a membership, especially if your a BJ fan. With the big network, you will be downloading often and a lot.. so enjoy!

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