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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: WMV, QT, Real

Prices: $24.87/30 days

Review of Zarnia:

As porn watchers, sometimes we want to admire a womans beauty, sit back and watch as she enjoys her body and you enjoy yours. Other times, we want to see the biggest item they can fit in a certain orifice, and then watch them do it. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. I find it refreshing to come across sites that focus more on the beauty of women, focuses more on single solo action over multiple people, masturbation over sex, and clasiness over dirtiness. One site that offers us that clasiness is, the site under review here.

Zarnia.. I'm not quite sure where the name comes from, it sounds like a town in a video game RPG to me. Zarnia is a site where beauty is put above all else, where quality is a high value, and nothing is left for granted. Zarnia is a website which focuses on mainly one girl sets, with a nice selection of movies and an awesome selection of pictures. The main purpose of Zarnia is to showcase beautiful women, in a beautiful way. Those who might be scared away thinking that this site is too softcore for them, there is indeed penetration involved and lots of dildoplay in the movies. It's just a website trying to be a little classier, and a little nicer than those around it.

When I first logged into Zarnia, I was impressed with the way the site was set up. The daily update is posted at the very top, with all the updates from the past two weeks located underneath. On the side you can check out links to each model, the video page, a chronology of all updates, and a section made specially for girl/girl picture sets. I must say the set up really impressed me here at Zarnia. The graphic work, as far as the sidebars, logos, etc, is simply stunning. On the videos page, a thumbnail of the video you are about to download melds in perfectly with the banner for each girl, and it just looks really good, really professional, and it just makes me want to download this stuff more! The webpage looks just ultra professional- I'd expect this to be an insurance website or something if it wasn't for the hot ass women! Just an awesome, clear, nicely put together site.

Zarnia has a huge pictures section. In fact, they are adding a gallery daily, so you can imagine what the pictures section is like! Absolutely great! Well, I guess I should get into it now. You can select to get the pictures by model, or by update date. Either way, you click a single thumbnail with a little blurb and get to the page of thumbnails. On this page, you can download a zip file of all the pictures of the series. You can also switch between high resolution and low resolution pictures. Even on low res, which is what I used, the pictures looked absolutely beautiful. I can only imagine the quality they can be at high res. The pictures are just clear, crisp, absolutely beautiful. Some of the best pictures I've seen on the net, if more sites had pics like this, maybe video wouldn't be taking over! They are thumbnailled great, and each set has an ample amount of pictures without going overboard.

The pictures are, as I mentioned before, primarily single girl shots with a big focus on beauty shots. Don't get me wrong and think this is playboy porn though, there is some nice penetration here. It's just beautiful all around, I must say. Whoever was working the camera in these pictures is my new hero.. an absolutely flawless performance. They manage to capture all the action here flawlessly, the pictures just look great. The question is, for those who don't think good pictures are enough, do the videos stand up?

The videos on Zarnia come in three different formats: Windows Media, Quicktime, or Real Media. Each video has the option of high or low bandwith. Additionally, the WMVs also have the choice of getting segmented chunks or the full video. Basically, they cover all their bases here. These videos are looking good! The files aren't the biggest sized files, and therefore, the video quality isn't perfect. In fact, you can easily see some pixelation and fuzziness before you even reach complete full screen. But at the same time, they don't look bad even full screened.. it seems like the girls come in fine, but if you glare at the background you can tell its fuzzy. Either way, these videos are definately worth downloading.. not perfect but looking good for a site that I would consider to be more picture driven!

There are a few flaws with Zarnia. The first is with the movies, you only get one real thumbnail to see what you are getting before you download. You know the consequences of that, sometimes you go over somthing you'd really like, and you do download something you end up not liking. I'd like to see a small series of thumbnails on the videos page for this reason. Also, the site seemed to queue up whenever I was download a video, so only one at a time (which isn't bad considering the small file sizes of these videos.)

To repeat myself, the action on Zarnia is primarily female solo action. These females tend to work it pretty hard, most of the sets involve a dildo, spreading, and toy penetration. It's tastefully done, but you still get your share of x's here icon_smile.gif There is a section for lesbian activity, and for the most part they are not afraid to get involved in the licky-licky! The girls on Zarnia are hot, hot, hot girls. Just a real nice collection of beautiful, model like (not porn star like, model like) girls. Whats ironic is that I know some of the girls on here are made up porn stars. I recognized names like Aria Giovanni, Gauge, Brianna Banks, and Taylor Morgan just for starters. So you might have seen some of these girls before. And I'm not sure the pictures are totally exclusive. But hot damn, are they good looking! Gotta respect that.

Zarnia is updated DAILY. Yes, daily, with a new picture set. They've been around since 2002 so they've amassed some nice content all together by now. I'm actually glad they posted the stats, since I hate counting these things. At the time of review, there was 82 different models, each with a variety of different picture galleries. That leads the site to currently having 38,970 pictures on site. The video count is a little lower than that, Zarnia has a massive 56 videos online right now. That is good for any site, and also for one which seems to have its nose more on the picture side of things.

There are no bonus sites, but with daily updates- who needs em?? It's still a great deal all around!!


Zarnia is indeed the erotic wonderland they want it to be. High quality, lots of content, basically you can do no wrong if you like the theme, which I think was really great.
So yes I liked the site, but it's also part of the story that Zarnia does not produce any content themselves, this is all licensed content and though I found great new photosets of some of my favorite models I had also seen at least 75% of the pictures before. Other sites that feature this type of content that actually have larger archives would be: (review) and (review).
In my book Zarnia gets high marks on the .zip downloads, the easy navigating and the nice complete design.

Main entry page Video listing Browsing a gallery
Main entry page Video listing Browsing a gallery


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