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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.98
$29.88/30 days

Review of Mr Chews Asian Beaver:

Theres always been something about asian girls that has turned me on. And I know its not just me. With the outstnding number of asian girl pornsites, asian girl prostitution agencies, and even asian girl massage parlors, the asian niche is one that brings in tons of people. Theres just something that is so sweet and innocent about asian girls. They have it even when they are being penetrated by two men at the same time! That innocence is part of what drives us towards them. There is also the fact that they have a really nice skin color, and real nice hair. You just can't go wrong with an asian girl. And todays question is, can you go wrong with an asian girl pornsite?

Mr. Chew's Asian Beaver is a reality website with the focus on asian girls. It follows the setup of most reality sites, looks-wise and attitude wise. The theme of asian girls, thats more of a theme of the actresses than of the entire site. So they do follow the theme well, but it wouldn't be hard not too. The question really becomes, is this a good porn site? Over the question of whether it's a good reality site or not.

As I mentioned, Mr. Chew's Asian Beaver is set up like one of the many reality sites you see out there. You know the type, update pages on the front page, videos, vidcaps, and some bonus sites. They take that formula, and while the main page isn't anything special aesthetically, they do add some cool features. One of these is a dropdown listing of all the sites in the network right on the top. There is also a cool feature where they list the latest updates to the network right on the top of the page. There is also some cool interpage navigation. It's a really good basic site design with these cool features thrown in. It all leads to a great experience, and a very easy path to get to the videos.

The videos on Mr. Chew's Asian Beaver are Streaming WMV file videos. Yes, streaming. There are no downloads here. There are ways to work around it, but I don't see why they don't just put downloadable videos up. Most reality sites have these nowadays, and those that don't are constantly getting crap about it. Mr Chew also offers segmented video files in addition to full movies. The segments are one minute long, which leads to having LOTS of segments on site, as the movies are all near the twenty minute mark. There are three qualities no matter which way you go, full or segments: high, medium, and low. These are 500k, 350k, and 56k respectively. The one good thing about the segmentation is that all the files are thumbnailled by segment, which gives you a good idea of the action when you go to watch the full movie. The quality here on Mr. Chew's Asian Beaver is "good." While it's nothing great, it's also nothing absolutely terrible either. It's just there. At high quality, there is a little pixelation and bluriness. You can full screen the movies, and have them look ok, but quality freaks might have a problem with it. It does tend to run smoothly and download fast, as far as streaming videos go. The quality is good- does the content of the movies match up?

The action on Mr. Chew's Asian Beaver is shot well. There is great use of the camera, and some wonderful shots being taken. There are no picture issues at all, you won't find yourself needing to adjust anything to make it look ok. Back to the shots, they are wonderful, the camera guys here did a very good, professional job. I am more than happy with that aspect of the videos. They also changed up the action, camera angles, zoom ins and outs, basically every aspect of a well shot porn video is present here. Can't say much more, other than great job at this aspect!

Mr. Chew's Asian Beaver also features some pictures. As with a lot of video heavy reality sites, the pictures here are vidcaps. But unlike a lot of video heavy reality sites, the vidcaps on the site are quite good. I'm not saying these are great pictures, but compared to others they are good. There is still the vidcap blur, but its not as noticable as it is on other sites. They also did a good job with the galleries, and instead of letting the vidcapping programs take over and just post tons of pictures with weird angles and ideas, they have a nice selection of pictures. It's not great, but it's good for what it is!

The girls on Mr. Chew's are, well, asian. If you like asian girls, these girls are pretty hot, but not really your typical asian girls. More like pornified asians. Still good though, and you can check the previews page for the information. There are some sets with two guys, which throws a nice twist into the asian action. I think that if you like asians, you will like what you get here. But I'm not too in tune with that scene either.

Right now, there are eight girls on Mr. Chew's Asian Beaver. Thats not a bad number for a reality site, but it's shooting a little low. Luckily, the site gives you lots of bonus sites to keep you busy after you are done with Mr. Chew's. The bonus sites are: XXX Proposal, Teeny Bopper Club, Nasty Movie Madness, Bikini Contest Porn, Coeds Need Cash, Bus Stop Whores, Vanilla Teens Black Cream, and Horny Spanish Flies. There is also a small leased portion to keep you busy. The site updates almost weekly, but with the other sites on the network, there is almost always a daily update! Pretty good deal here!


A nice reality site for fans of asian girls. It's not without its flaws, and dang it would be nice to be able to download these videos, but all in all this is a solid yet unspectacular reality site.

Main entry page An episode page Watching a video
Main entry page An episode page Watching a video


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