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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: wmv

Prices: Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days
$29.98/30 days

Review of Vanilla Teens Black Cream:

Imagine a teen girl, fresh after her 18th birthday. Suddenly the cockhounds are all around. She is now legal, and any man can get his grubby hands on her and not wrestle any legal problems. Now imagine, some nice men show up with some video cameras.. and they want to take advantage of her age now, by filming her in a porn video to be used for a reality porn website! This is all good.. but it all goes downhill when she finds out that she will be introduced to the black man... on camera, for you and I to see! The poor girl!

Strap yourself in for another record long site name ;)

Now, this isn't exactly the scenario here at Vanilla Teens, Black Cream. But it's basically young girls with black men, a combination that I know many of you will like a lot. Vanilla Teens, Black Cream is a reality site with the theme of interracial teen sex. The name gives it away! While this isn't a full-on reality site with tons of setup to the videos, it is a reality site. They stick real nice on their theme, so if your not a fan of interracial or legal teen sex, then perhaps this won't be the site for you.

I'll start a bit on site design. The main page is set up real nice, with a cool toolbar on top, some links to other sites in the network's latest updates underneath that, and then the Vanilla Teens updates underneath that. The main page has a lot of information on it, but with small thumbnails and a nice, easy interface, the site loads really well and works really good as a main site. Navigation is a breeze, you simply choose the girl you want from the main page to get to her sub-page, and from there decide what you want to get. Chances are you'll go for the videos!

The videos are Streaming WMV files. You can select three different qualities (500k, 350k, 56k) to see the movies in. You have the option of viewing segmented chunks (one minute segments with tons of files) or the full movie. There are no downloads of these movies, unfortunately, and thats one of the biggest flaws. The segments are really not all that neccesary either, since it's streaming and in three different sizes. But they're not hurting anyone, I just can't imagine them being used that much. I had another problem with the streams, and that is that some of them flat out didn't work. This was very discouraging, with one girl I had to go to a lower quality, and another I couldn't get anything. I'd chalk it up to site design, mainly because I'm confident in my system and it's abilities. I could have always gone to the segments, but forget about that, I'd rather do other things than spend all night clicking links! The segments are one minute each, and with all the videos being over 20 minutes for the most part, it leads to a hell of a lot of clicking links. Not my idea of a fun night, so I'll pass! These movies, at highest quality, look good with a little bit of pixelation. You can full screen them and have them look pretty nice. These aren't the best videos I've ever seen, but they stand up there as a respectible effort at a nice download time.

The camerawork on Vanilla Teens, Black Cream was great! I felt like they really captured the essence of the sex going on here with their work. Furthermore, they weren't afraid to change camera angles, move stuff around, it never really got boring. And the sex on camera didn't get boring either, as they weren't afraid to change positions as well. Just good quality videos here. I usually expect a high quality in interracial videos (i don't know why, it just seems like they are the best produced videos) and I was not disappointed at all here. The movies just seemed to flow real well and look real good, exactly what I like in my porn. You get an almost professional aspect to the movies here (in fact, I recognized one of the male stars as Mr. Marcus, who is a black porn star and gets bonus points from me all the time) so the movies may be somehow professionally affilliated. I don't really know about that, but these are some nice videos!

The pictures on Vanilla Teens are also pretty good. The pictures here are vidcaps, which I know are not appreciated by many people. I don't care for them myself, but they are what they are. To their credit, the folks at this site manage to put together a halfway respectable set of vidcaps for us to enjoy. I liked the fact that they only put select images up. Too often, vidcapping programs just capture tons of crap and lots of the same poses. Not here, the pictures section is pleasantly managable. And as far as quality, the quality is not bad. There is some blur and minor pixelation, but put head to head with what most sites offer: this is good. They are also thumbnailled well, and easy to navigate through. Just a solid pictures section here on Vanilla Teens, Black Cream!

The girl quality on Vanilla Teens, Black Cream is average to me. First of all, while teens is stated right in the name, to me, these girls look to be around my age (mid twenties) While each girl is different, I should point that out. Also, on the previews page, there are girls that aren't even on the site. These girls are younger girls, but not all of them have that teen look to them. I found about half of the girls to be superhot to me. Even though the previews page is kind of misleading, you can check it for general quality to see if you'd like it or not. The guys are definately black, and there are some scenes with two black guys on the one white teen. There is anal sex in some scenes... and some DP stuff. The only minor setback is the number of sets.

On Vanilla Teens Black Cream, there are currently five models. While that might not seem to be a lot, when you take the network into consideration, you are getting a decent amount of content here. It's just that on this site only, theres only five girls, and I had troubles with some of the videos, so it just seemed a little low even for a reality site. They do have almost-weekly updates, but they might cycle out an update at that time as well, I haven't confirmed that. You do get a huge network of sites, which are pretty much the same as Vanilla Teens but with different themes. Same quality, content, everything pretty much. The sites you get from Vanilla Teens are: XXX Proposal, Teeny Bopper Club, Nasty Movie Madness, Mr. Chews Asian Beaver, Bikini Contest Porn, Coeds Need Cash, Bus Stop Whores, and Horny Spanish Flies. Nice network here, and there is a trial offer!


Vanilla Teens, Black Cream is a solid reality site with some flaws. If you like interracial porn and teen porn, then you have a nice site combining two of your fetishes. If you like one but not the other, I still think you have a good site that you'll like.

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Main entry page An episode page Watching video


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