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Review of Can you be a Pornstar:

Here in the United States, there is a trend of television called Reality TV. I'm not sure how popular it is elsewhere, so I will explain it a little. Reality shows are shows of people who are thrown together for a purpose. It's like a big game show, with a bunch of rules and a concept. And while stripped down to their basics, these are basically game shows with the general idea of winning something. As most of you know, porn reality sites are amateur sex sites with a theme of being real girls just being pick up to perform for money. I've been waiting for this day.. a combination of reality tv and reality porn. This combination becomes reality with the website Can You Be A Pornstar.

Can You Be A Pornstar is a website where amateur girls are given a shot to become a real porn star. Every episode (this is a tv thing) has five girls, and votes are taken and calculated and a winner is announced. The winner of each episode will have a chance to be the ultimate winner! It's a cool concept, one that I was very excited about. The website is very oriented on the theme, giving the times that the show is on TV, having profiles written about all the judges, etc. They do a great job making the concept work on the site. And it's just cool, because we are so used to girls doing that "skeptically" for money. Now we get to see girls who want to do this, and do it for a bigger prize!

The page set up can be a little confusing, but is ultimately decent. When you log on to the main page, you get little mini thumbnails of each girl seperated by their episode. When you click on a girl, you are taken to their invididual page which seperates pictures and videos. There are two types of sets, centerfold (solo posey type stuff) and sex scenes. Pretty nice selection. Moving within the site is a breeze and everything loads nicely. The thumbnails are pretty small, but at least they have thumbnails. Once you figure everything out, the confusion problem is dissipated, and you can browse through the site pretty nicely and easily.

Once you select a girl, you can go for videos or pictures. Selecting videos, you are given a choice of Windows Media or Quicktime. Then you are given a choice of High or Low quality. Then you are whisked away to a streaming video of your choice. Initially in your window, these videos are pretty small, but you can enlarge them and still have them look pretty good. In fact, I'll talk about quality. When you full screen them, you do get a good quality. Theres some pixelation, and its not close to being perfect. But if you're fine with just decent quality, you should be happy with the videos. The videos also really range in times depending on the scene. I won't even attempt to give you a range here because the range would be so big, it would be pretty useless!

The action on the videos is akin to a porn movie. Some scenes appear to be more like staged porn movies more than others. Every girl has at least two sets of movies, the solo centerfold stuff and then a sex scene. Every episode (not every girl, but for every set of girls) has one lesbian scene. The unfortunate part about this is that the same scene is used as the sex scene for both girls. The other girls have sex with men! The sex here is nothing too extreme.. basically your normal oral which leads into vaginal sex stuff. I found it to be very very hot though. Some of the better scenes, sex wise, that I've seen. They don't really switch up positions too much, something I normally like. And they don't use fully the idea of close ups, and moving the camera around. I really am not sure why I found the scenes so good, maybe it was just the quality of the girls.

The girls on here are HOT. Like model hot, for the most part, with smoking hot bodies and great faces. At the same time, they don't look like porn stars. Well not yet icon_smile.gif They are very natural girls. Nice mixture of girls with blonde, brown, and black hair here. Few redheads makes me sad, but I can live since I know they are a rare species! The girls here are all younger girls, and all skinny with near perfect bodies. Their breast sizes range, and I believe most of them are natural or at least natural looking.

The pictures on Can You Be A Pornstar are pretty good as well. There is one gallery page, and it encompasses a small amount of material. I couldn't really tell if they were vidcaps or not, if these are vidcaps then they are done real well. They look real good, and are really nice size wise too. I might go back and save a bunch of them since the videos are streaming only, and I really liked some of the girls. The thumbnails are kind of small, but get the point across. It's definately worth a look into, even if with some girls the section is kinda light.

One thing I would like to say is that the theme is done very good here. You can vote on the latest episode of girls, and the series is almost over, so maybe by the time you read this it is done. Episode 7 of 8 is up now! Also included are bios of all the judges, and bios of all the girls too. These aren't lame bios, like "i like cats and anal" either. Intelligently put together questions and some interesting responses are found here. Theres also material about the show, the hype its receiving, and also times it will be shown on Pay Per View.

There are four girls per episode, and at this time there are 7 or 8 sets up. With four girls per episode, and two movies per girl, thats a total of at least 50 videos. Who knows what happens when the last set is up, but for now you still get a ton of fun content. There are no bonus sites associated with Can You Be A Pornstar. However, there is a lot of leased content to keep you busy while waiting for the final episode.

Although I would have liked a slightly better quality and a downloadable video, I still thoroughly enjoyed Can You be A Porn Star. Top notch girls, and a top notch idea make this a really cool site. It's either a reality tv show as porn, or a reality porn as a tv show.. either way its a cool combination and worth checking out. Cheap trial too, so no excuses!


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Contestants list A model page Episode videos


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