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Review of Another Reality Site:

This is one of the harder ones I had to do, because I really didn't like the site even though there wasn't much wrong with it.. hope it came out OK...

The current phenomenon in internet porn is the mighty reality site. Most reality sites are set up the same way, and have the same basic theme. The theme is usually that guys meet girls in ____ and convince them to _____. Fill in the blanks and you have your original content for each different site. Lots of combinations have been made, to make each reality site a little different. Sometimes it has something to do with the males, sometimes the females, and sometimes both. And surprisingly, there are still unique and refreshing combinations of reality sites coming out to this day! The best part about reality sites, for me at least, is that they all give you original content, and they are all pretty much amateur done. With that combination, I think the current phenomenon will last for a while.

Another Reality Site is just that... another reality site. It has no theme, it's just, well, a reality site. When I first saw this site, I was thinking it would be a kick ass parody of the reality genre. And the front pages lead us to believe that, with cool slogans and a cool banner. So the basic idea of Another Reality Site is that its nothing special... just, another reality site. The idea is fun, let's see about the execution!

I found the site design of Another Reality Site to be pretty sleek. On the members page, there was a sidebar which informed you of the latest updates. The four sections are also blatantly pointed out for you: the bonus videos, the picture archive, and the videos. The links inside also work real well. I really can't complain much about the sites design. They have managed to come up with a good looking, modern, sleek, and effecient site design that works really well. The only thing that perhaps would have helped is having some in-page controls, like maybe a static toolbar or something that stayed constant throughout the site. I'm just throwing ideas out, though, since I really couldn't find anything wrong with the design.

As with normal reality sites, videos are the main focus on Another Reality Site. The videos are only available in streaming Windows Media files. While my new computer has opened me up to the streaming concept a little more. However, I still don't like using streaming files. On this site, you have to wait for the entire video to load to get full control of the video. And the videos are not small files, so it's like waiting for a download just to be able to fast forward past the shit you don't like. I think that the majority of reality sites out there offer downloadable videos, so maybe this isn't just another reality site. The videos are nice and clear, crisp, and look good. I'd say the quality is up there with other reality sites, if not better. If you are a regular visitor of reality sites, you should know what to expect video wise. The setup of the "ARS Media Player" is kind of weak. You select the girl you want from a drop down menu, without getting the chance to see any kind of thumbnail or anything. You an select screen shots from the video, but they don't look too good. So you pretty much go in streaming without a clue. The videos are segmented into sections, which make it a little easier to stream them.

The action in the videos was lots of solo female action from what I saw. Another surprising reality to me, considering most reality sites focus on sex. Sure thats here, but there seems to be a big focus on solo stuff. One refreshing change was that not a lot of time was spent on setup of the videos, which is true in most reality sites. The guy who does this site obviously doesn't want to be a star in his own world, like some others. The action usually cuts in real fast. I have to say, that despite its name, this really isn't your typical reality site at all. I'll get more into that later. The girls on Another Reality Site were really good looking, in my eyes. They seemed to be a lot better looking than most amateur type websites offer. The action is shot really well on camera, and there are no darkness issues at all (good thing too with the streaming nature of the videos.) All in all you get decent action with good quality here at Another Reality Site.

The pictures section was set up in a pretty unique way. Instead of having a huge section with all kinds of details, the pictures homepage just has a line of five thumbnails from each set. It sort of looks like a reel of film, it's pretty cool. Clicking on the line gives you the full gallery thumbnails. It's kind of a cool way to set it up, since you get to see what you are downloading pretty nicely. I must say that the pictures are NICE. They do not use vidcaps in their video section, opting for nicely shot, high quality pictures of the same models from the videos instead. Nice shooting here, and this is definately a good reality site for those who like pictures.

My biggest complaint here is going to have to be that as a reality site, you are expected to bring a few things to the table. The first is a solid theme to base all your videos on. There really isn't one here. I was expecting them to poke fun at the reality genre, which could be great in a Joe Schmo kind of way. But instead, they use the name and the idea as an excuse to just not have a theme and throw anything at the site. The worst part is, if the site wasn't called a reality site in the name, I would have hard troubles considering it one. The name is there, but thats it. No downloadable videos. Not the typical reality site setup. In fact, if I was making this page, I'd go all out and make a small network of parody sites to really get the spirit going. I just found this to be a lackluster reality site, even though my initial expectations were pretty high. I don't know, maybe I just don't get it...

UPDATE August 20 - 2005

The site has now not been updated for 8 months and the bonus content you are promised. What exactly went wrong here is hard to say but the site seems completely dead. It still has the content it advertises on the frontpage and that's all good though the content is still pretty vague about what audience it wants to target. Overall this mediocre site has taken a turn for the worse with no updates and broken promises from the tour.


It looked like a kind of promising site when it began, yes that doesn't sound too glowing I know but after that it also just got worse. The site seems abandoned, perhaps the owner used too much money to get it going and now he's trying to make ends meet, what the hell do I know, all I know is that what you see isn't even what you get. You get the advertised episodes that are part of ARS but the links for the bonus sites are dead... Think twice about this one, I'm not coming back that's for sure.


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