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Review of XXX Cams:

I have been avoiding live cam sites for a while because when I first got online with my 28.8 I said to myself: "This technology will never be good enough for me". Apparently I'm not a prophet as I found myself shelling out money for a cam site today, that's right folks I blew $50 to boss some chicks around for about 20 minutes, and I had a great time doing it.

I picked the name off a site list I found, there were actually 6 listed and that just happened to the one I chose, the names of the others were targeted at specific niches and I wanted something general. Looking back now it didn't matter squat what I had signed up for because all these domains are just different templates that feature the exact same girls so it is all the same site. These are the domains that feature the cam girls I bossed around (!):,,,,
Once again, there is NO difference between these sites at all except for their names and designs.

Although I was being really hard on the site right off the bat by visiting it at 3 am there were actually 3 girls waiting there who were live, if you want more to choose from I suggest you visit a tad earlier than that. The 3 girls that were live were all nice and good looking (in my opinion), the girl I hooked up with most of the time was Anita and I got no lip from her at all, she did as she was told end of story ;)
Let me just say, if you are new to talking to these livecam girls you better get out of your shell pretty quick, you don't get anywhere by introducing yourself to the girl or trying to get her to laugh before you kindly ask her if she could perhaps flash a bit of flesh for you. No! You are paying for this, you are calling the shots, this is the revelation I had after 1 minute when I still hadn't seen Anita's pussy. "Holy shit! I just wasted $2,50 on good manners! Take off those panties now!"… and so she did.

I never actually took any of the girls in private because I seem to be the only one out there cruising cam sites at 3 am in the morning and therefore the chatrooms were completely empty (saved me $1 a minute!). I had Anita do everything I could think of for 10 minutes mainly to make sure she was really live and of course to see how bendy she could be. Ow and if you are reading this Anita, it really did mean something to me, but I just want us to be friends from now on, k? J

Overall I enjoyed my stay here, I think $2.49 a minute is a lot of money but on the other hand that's what it costs, not much worse than dialing one of those girls who moan in your ear until you hang up on them with a freshly developed tinnitus condition. You won't get this here, I ended up going live with 5 women all in all but none of them offered audio, I found this to be the biggest let down. I have been live a few times with some girls if I reviewed their site and then I could at least hear them moan and talk, I really missed that here. According to the site some girls offer audio but the 5 that I asked didn't and I asked them if they knew of any girls that offered it and they said no, so I am guessing that if any offer it, it's a small percentage.

The refresh speed on the cameras was another thing that didn't quite meet my expectations. I have seen very decent speeds on other and bigger cam networks, here I got just below 2 frames per minute and the actually text chat to the girls was extremely lagged.

The signup process was easy and of course it requires you to put in your credit card info, you won't be billed until you purchase something and it is very clear when you are about to buy time with a girl so you shouldn't worry about that. I found it a bit annoying that I couldn't even get a sample of how the video was before I signed up, granted it didn't cost me anything at the initial signup but it would be nice to see an example before you put in your credit card information.

The whole site only has 10 girls here, that's not very much but at least there were always someone online while I was browsing. I missed the audio and the chat lag was gruesome and looking back I probably would have just pick another site if I had first had a sample video feed (with audio please!).
On a more positive note, the video stream was a bit slow but steady and the girls were all very nice to talk to and quick to obey every command, still I don't see this/these cam sites as standing out, it has to be possible to do better than that.


Video chatroom: $2.49 a minute
Private video chat: $3.49 a minute

(there are discounts for new members, ex. $60 worth of tokens for for $50)


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