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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/3 days, rebills at $39.99
$29.99/30 days
$89.99/365 days

Review of Reality Pass:

As a wrapup, it's time to talk about the Reality Pass network as a whole. Those who follow the updates at Pornliving will realize that many of these sites have been talked about individually. And for the most part, the reviews have been very positive. Reality Pass is new, hot, and cool, and if they can keep up the good work, they will be among the leaders in the reality industry in no time.

Reality Pass gives you access to:
Fucked For Free, Horny Traveller, Supermarket Whores, Hot Bods Cool Rides, Rub and Tug, Milf Searcher, Chicks Go Both Ways, and Internet Hookups in addition to two gay sites. With a great update schedule, awesome content, and some unique and cool themes, Reality Pass really gives the other major reality network a run for their money even in their early form. In this review, I will talk about the Reality Pass sites in a general manner. They are all constructed and work similarly, but keep in mind that each site will have its minor nuances.

The sites are designed in a simple and efficient manner. When you enter, you get a highlight of the newest series on the page, with a large thumbnail, and a little blurb and the neccesary links. Underneath this, you have a small thumbnail of the girls from the previous updates and links to their pages. On the sidebar, there is a listing of all the most recent updates with dates. The sites run fast and while they are simple, they're still very effective and very easy to use. Very good job. The only real (minor) problem I could come up with here is that the thumbnails for the videos aren't really effective. In other words, they don't give you a real good handle on what your downloading. But since the sites are so great, you will probably download everything.

The videos are the main attraction here on the Reality Pass sites. And your attraction is done excellent. On the videos page, you get a bunch of options for downloading videos. First of all, there are segmented clips with one thumbnail each. These videos are all in WMV format. Reality Pass gives you a LOT of video options, ranging from low quality to perfect quality. Yes, I said perfect. Their "Ultra" quality is damn near perfect, almost crystal clear even when full screened. They are probably the best quality videos I've ever seen from a reality site, so all of you quality freaks pay attention to this site! There are also Medium and High Quality. Not only are the videos great, awesome quality, but you can download full movies here! Segmentation haters rejoice! Of course, you can still download in segments as well, the segments are pretty big but still managable. Just a great setup all around. I would like to note that not all the sites on the network have rolled out the "full video" download, or the "Ultra" quality movies. But even these ones give you some great movies, at great quality, and the segmentation is not too bad!

The content of the videos varies from site to site, but as a rule they seem to not be afraid to go hardcore! It really depends on the site and the theme they are going with, which will be discussed later.

Reality Pass sites also have a pictures section. And damn if the pictures section isn't awesome as well! I mean, for reality video driven sites, these pictures are great great great! The pictures are taken from the same action as the videos, but if these are vidcaps, they are EXTREMELY well done. I mean, clear pictures, couldn't find any pixels in my pictures, and the shots I saw were actually really good pose-wise. In other words, it didn't look like an awkward video snap, it looked like the girls were making love to the camera! The size of the photos is managable and real good considering how good they look. They are thumbnailed well, and theres enough pictures for you to get a feel for the complete set without overburdening you. Just excellent.

So how are these ladies looking? I think the female selection is very good on Reality Pass. They seem to fit every theme of each site very well, and some of the sites (Fucked For Free in particular) have girls that you will download every video and be like, "wow!" You won't be disappointed with the fine ass ladies on any of the Reality Pass sites!

Reality Pass is also VERY good with updates. Every site is updated almost every day, adding a new video. Not a new video set, the site is updated with each segment instead. Not a bad way to do things, because it keeps the webmasters on their feet with updating. They do a real good job with it. Most of the sites are realitively new, but with the EXCELLENT update schedule, they all have lots of content already and will only grow.

At this point I'd like to run down the sites you get on Reality Pass:

Fucked For Free- Awesome site, the theme is guys paying for girls to have sex on camera, and then not paying them! Every set has two girls and this is just quality defined.

Horny Traveller- This site showcases girls from "around the world" and tends to have a focus on dark skinned girls.

Supermarket Whores (Review)
Girls are picked up at the Supermarket on this reality site!

Hot Bods, Cool Rides (Review)
Actual Porn Stars, Anal Sex, and Classic Cars.

Rub and Tug (Review)
The happenings in the back room of a "massage" parlor"

Milf Searcher (Review)
These are the guys you don't want your MOM to date icon_wink.gif

Chicks Go Both Ways (pending review)
Bisexual chicks!

Internet Hookups (pending review)
Meeting girls online for sex.. we all try to do it.. these guys are successfull at it!

There are also two gay sites.

This is a monster package. There is no reason not to join up. They even offer a trial, which is awesome. You will end up with lots of high, high quality porn from this network. Just awesome material here, great quality and great updates. They may be the new kid on the block, but don't let that stop you from checking out the awesome package. It's updated with 10 videos per week over all the sites, you can download whole movies, as segments or even watch them streaming in 4 different levels of quality, I can't think of anything missing really, bang for your buck? You bet!

Updates + archive Choosing scene Browsing a gallery
Updates + archive Choosing scene Browsing a gallery


1. Followup Review
Overall Rating Change

Ok I just had a look at this one again now and I just don't know what happened. All the exclusive sites have gone bye-bye and all that's left now are some crappy content-filler sites that look so generic I couldn't believe it.<br /><br />Actually that's not entirely true, is still available and I think that one is exclusive, other than that it seems like the producers of the site decided to completely abandon this site for good and just decided to drain the traffic by putting together a quite a rather depressing deal where only 2 sites actually qualify for the "reality porn" theme and given that you only get access 5 sites it doesn't look good that one of them is a gay site.<br /><br />3 sites here are worth something but the updates are sporadic if not completely missing at times so I would not really post money into this one. If you are interested in a good deal like this I would check out <a title="All Sites Access Review" href="">allsitesaccess</a>. <br /><br />Please keep in mind that there are still 3 sites but compared to other "pass" sites this one barely qualifies as one in my book which is why the rating is so low given that this isn't a site of it's own. This one really isn't such a sweet deal any more I'm afraid.

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