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Review of Miss Erotica:

Hymen ripping anyone?

If that sounds a disgusting proposition or you don't know (or care) what hymen is, there's little point in reading on or in visiting The site's URL is a bit misleading—sounds like softcore or some tacky adult beauty pageant. Problem is, last I checked, graphic close-ups of sexual defloration didn't qualify as softcore nor were beauty contestants judged by the delicacy of their virginal membranes.

Right, now that you know what's in store, I can be frank: is a top-notch showcase of surprisingly beautiful young women shot with a clinical attention to the hymen and the process of breaking it with dildos of varying dimensions and states of lubrication.

I suppose it says something about the professionalism of the webmaster and the film crew that there's no attempt whatsoever to fondle, suck, or fuck any of the featured models. Their contracts seem straightforward: no sex demanded, just your viginity, thanks very much.

Sergei Afanasslev, the site's photographer, has been at it with since 2001, and, while the pics have been sharp from the beginning, a clear evolution in his video work is obvious. If I had only the first half of the 2001 gallery to go by, I'd probably be pretty skeptical about the whole thing. Defloration vids of more than a few seconds and extreme close-ups don't really become the site standard until somewhere between 2001 and 2002, but I guess by the time I got that far I stopped doubting.

I often get upset about big-business porn companies claiming to offer the best "amateur" content, but here there's obviously no question. With such a beautiful array of young talent willing to hawk their hymen for a buck, however, come some minor annoyances in the site design and "ergonomics." Pics open in a new window, but to get to the video for any particular model, you've got to click through several pages of thumbnailed photo galleries. Then, to get out again you get to use the back button. Worse, while downloading the vids, the site seems to freeze. Once the d.l. is complete, you're free to navigate again. I know this sounds like a bandwidth issue at my end, but I assure you it isn't.

Anyway, as I say, presents a level of amateurism that is truly unrivalled, and it's hardly fair to pick on the site design given the depth of the content. I count 41 featured models, most of whom have at least one video short accompanying their photo galleries. The latest updates—one a month promised—have made the leap from straight mpeg to the Divx codec, and in the Feb. '04 gallery you'll even find some straight guy-girl sex. Further, the viewer is informed that the hymen in question is surgically restored. I'm not sure if this represents a coming trend in the site's content or not, and I'll leave it to potential members to decide whether this development is a good thing. From a strictly technical perspective, the mpeg videos have looked pretty damn sharp from the beginning, so there shouldn't be any concern over the low quality of the older vids.

Summing it up, I guess it all comes down to your level of interest in the physical state of virginity. From the way these (mostly stunning) models touch themselves and interact with the camera(man), you'd never guess that they were new to the act of penetration. I'm not going to spend time here debating the possibility that surgical restoration and fake blood have played a big part in this site. Some of the defloration vids are more intense than others, but on the whole I'm accepting the whole lot as kosher hymen sacrifices, worthy of any aficionados of this porn niche. As a fairly rare collection, however, comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Sure, I can think of lots of other things to do with $45 or 37 Euros, but for both the curious and the collectors out there, a 30 day membership is extremely unlikely to disappoint.

Price: 36.95 Euro (US$ 45.21 ) for 30 days, non-recurring

Video Format: mpeg, currently porting over to divX

Pics: varying, but many extremely large and high-quality images


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