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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.73/30 days (Reg. $29.73), rebills at $39.73
$4.95/3 days, rebills at $39.73
$89.95/365 days

Review of Sandie Golatinas:

Latinas. You just gotta love them. I'll be honest with you, I've had my eye on this one latina girl for over two years now. Just someone you see now and then, I never really talked to her. Until a few months ago, we got to talking. Unfortunately, I haven't seen her in over a month. That makes me kinda sad. But this girl, you couldn't make a more beautiful girl. She had one of the greatest smiles I've ever seen on a girl. It just filled you up with warmness. Awesome, curly hair that just looked perfect. She was perfection. I just wish I could see her again to tell her that.

Well, you're not here to read about my love life.. cause if you were, you'd have a razor to your wrists in no time. But instead you are here to read about San Diego Latinas. As you could expect, this is a website about Latinas.. from San Diego! I wouldn't really call it a reality site as it doesn't have that feel to it, but the pages are set up in a similar matter to the way reality sites are. There are latinas all over the place here, so I think the fans of them will have their ears perk up and begin some enjoyment.

When you first login to San Diego Latinas, you get a thumbnail of each girl that was added/updated to the site this week. On the top of the page there are also links to get to the videos page and the archives page. Theres also an update list and a contact page. Pretty good selection here. The banner is also cool as it thanks the members and wishes them well. I like it when websites do that. The site design also has a sort of a "Wild West" theme to it, which I don't understand but it's cool. Well, San Diego Latinas has both videos and pictures. I spent more time with the pictures so I'll talk about them first.

When you select a girls page, you get both a one thumbnail link and a text link to the galleries. These are seperated, I think it'd be a little more effective if they were together. At least they put them both on there though, and didn't go the primitive text link only route. When you do get to the thumbnails, you get a clean and cool layout. If you've seen Arles Image pages before, thats the thumbnailling setup they use. It's kinda old and simple, but at the same time it's extremely effective. I didn't really care for the arrow system of moving in a gallery, but its better than a lot of the systems I've seen out there. The full pictures are pretty clean and crisp, but I must admit that I've seen better out there. It seems like there is some pixelation on the edges of stuff. Nothing too horrible, but like I just said, I've seen better. Each picture is watermarked with the San Diego Latinas website logo, but the watermark goes all the way across the picture. It doesn't really interfere with anything but god I hate those things!

One good thing about the pictures is that each girl has multiple galleries. So you're really getting a good amount of content as far as pictures go. With sites like this you can be pretty used to just seeing the pictures that are from the video and thats it. On here, not only do you get the non video sets, but you get multiples of them! And they look pretty good! Each girl also has ZIP files that you can get to save yourself some trouble!

Onto the videos, I was less than satisfied with the videos section. My biggest complaint is that they just used too many video formats. There are some that are MOV, some that are MP4, some that are WMV and some MPGs. That would be a plus if each video offered all four. But instead, each video only had one of the above choices. Now, I might be overstepping a little, but I don't like the MOV format. I always have had problems with the Quicktime Player, and I never found the videos to be any more special than others. And most of these videos are MOVs. So if you're like me, you'll be a little disappointed. The videos are segmented as well. The segments are two minutes long, which I think is too short in my opinion. The videos are also kind of grainy and lackluster. Definately not the best I've ever seen, and something I would work on improving. The short clips make for easy downloading speeds, and low file sizes. But I'd rather see longer clips.

The videos and pictures are your basic what you would expect content from a regular porn website. The focus appears to be on the solo woman stuff. The videos add some men in here and there! I found the girls to be fairly attractive latina girls. They could be a little better, but they could also be a lot worse. I think that your typical latina fan will enjoy the girls on here. It's just a matter of whether your non-latina fans would like it here, and I'm not so sure they would. Still, the website has its fair share of beautiful women and I can't complain too much about the female selection!

The site is updated very often. While they don't have a set update schedule, they seem to do it at least once a week if not more. The updates are not always a new girl on-site. Sometimes they just add a new gallery of an existing girl, or a video of an existing girl. So it might not be 100% new material but it's still new stuff for you to check out often. San Diego Latinas offers one extra site, which is a membership to I Love Black Girls. This site is pretty much the same as San Diego Latinas, but with Black Girls instead of Latinas.


A flawed site with potential. If they cleaned up the images, the video, and worked on some site design kinks, they'd have a website capable of running with the big dawgs. As it is, I think it's a nice diversion for Latina fans. Mildly in the middle on this one.


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