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Review of Flash in Public:

Public flashing has become like a fine art in recent years. With the popularity of girls gone wild, it seems that at every "crazy" party there are tits all over the place. I'm not complaining, but sometimes you just don't get the quality titty. Remember the old days of writing "show me your tits" signs on long roadtrips? Well, the old days for some of us were just yesterday.. but even you can have appreciate for the public tittie. It's also a fetish that turns a lot of people on. Some girls like to show themselves to strangers. And there are some guys out there that love to view strange girls. So it's really a win-win situation, and everyone goes home all horny and silly-happy.

Flash In Public has a pretty self explanatory name. Could it be a site about flashing in public, you think? It is a site that caters to the fans of public flashing pictures. There are lots of voyeur fans out there. This site primarily caters to them. It is not your regular porn site. Instead, it's a cool site for fans of girls showing themselves in public!

First things first: the site design is so-so. On entry, there is a sidebar that can get you to everything on the site. The girls are split up into two sections, one with just one girl and one with more than one girl. There is also a section for member submitted photos. So for those of you who have wives that love to show, send them some pictures and share the wealth with us! The site is very simple and plain. At the same time, the navigation isn't perfect. A good example is the picture pages. There are in-set gallery change links, but it's very simplistic. It's also just a little harder to use than most sites. You also can't change from gallery to gallery in here. I'd just say that you have to use your browser buttons a few too many times for my taste. On the plus side, everything is very clean and simple. Very easy to figure out and very quick loading. The site features pictures only.

The pictures on Flash in Public are great! They are very crisp and clear. I was very impressed with the quality of pictures. Usually with public flashing pics, the quality is pretty bad. Not so here. High quality images here, just picture your typical professional porn picture with the public flashing aspect. This might seem a little too unrealistic to some flasher fans, but I am all about the quality and I love it. The image sizes are also very good, and with the large amount of images they have on here, thank god they had the foresight to make sure that the images were uniquely named. It gives you a very easy saving experience for the pictures. Now we must move on to my biggest problem of the site, and that was the thumbnails. The thumbnails for the pictures just didn't look too good. I don't know if it was because the girl on the picture is so far away from the camera in the big size picture that it doesn't thumbnail well, or if it was just shoddy thumbnailling. But either way, it's really hard to see whats going on through the thumbnails. Therefore, there is some extra (and sometimes usless) browsing to be had. It's just a pain. On the plus side, they do offer zip files of each gallery page, so you can just download everything and not worry about clicking a million times!

What should you expect from the pictures on Flash in Public? Well, don't expect hardcore at all. And don't expect extreme closeups or anything like that. Just picture if you saw a girl across the street from you flashing. That is the view the cameras give you at Flash In Public. If that isn't your thing, this isn't your site. The girls on the site are very good looking girls. Not amateur looking at all in the sense of "hey thats my aunt patty!" but they don't look like professional models either, for the most part. Expect to see a lot of tittie flashing, and some pussy and ass stuff too! Not hardcore at all, but at the same time very nice.

Even though theres no video content, there are some cool little extra features that make the site more special. One of my favorites was that each girl has a full bio, with a Q&A included. On top of that, each picture series has a little story that goes with it that gives you all the background information you could want. As I touched on before, there is also a members contribution section which is also quite bulky, and gives the site that amateurish touch I was talking about before. There is also a message board on here. I like it when sites include message boards, its a great way to meet people and talk about common interests. Thats why you should head over to the pornliving board after you read this! The webmaster is also a little more interactive than most and that makes for a cool site as well. Theres nothing really good enough here to add to the site, but they are still cool little extra features.

A membership to Flash In Public gets you no bonus sites. There aren't even any leased sites. It's pretty much just the parent sites content. They offer discounted memberships to the other sites in their network, but thats about it. They do update the site a ton though, with an update coming in every three to four days. Excellent schedule with that. There is a ton of content on here right now: 283 total series with 108 girls in the single model section. Theres sixteen sets in the two model or more section.. and there is the contributions section as well, which is pretty big. So your getting lots of stuff here, definately enough to warrant a membership and keep you busy!

This is a good site for public flashing fans. It doesn't have any added extras that will appeal to a non-fan. And the fact that there aren't any videos might turn a lot of people off, even though this concept isn't as video friendly as others. It's a good site as far as fetish sites go, and it fits its target audience well, I don't actually think there is a better alternative if you are in to this public niche!


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