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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $2.95/2 days, rebills at $29.95
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Review of Theater Sluts:

There is an underground group of people who meet up in adult video theaters. All kinds of things happen in these theaters. Actions can range from masturbatory, to full on sex. Sometimes a girl shows up, this is when gangbangs take place! It's rare that a woman does show up, but when they do, woo hoo, are they going to have fun or what? The website Theater Sluts focuses on those women who do show up to the adult theater, and explores their adventures in picture and video form.

Unfortunately for us, the content on Theater Sluts is about as rare as one of those girls who shows up at the gangbang. At the same time though, the content does kick some ass, just like when the girl shows up.

Let me first say that I really like this idea for a website. It's pretty original, you don't see many theater slut sites out there. It is also more realistic than your typical "guy goes to the mall and gets wimmin" site as well. This stuff actually happens in real life, even if it is rare. It's also just a cool idea, it's regular people, it's real and it's fun. So as an idea, this site really works. Execution wise, it is faulty.

The site design is simple. On the pictures page, there is one thumbnail per set, and a small description of the series. The video page doesn't have any thumbnail previews whatsoever, but there are small descriptions of the video. Very simple, and while it runs smooth, it could use a slight update. One of my major problems is an arrogance by the writer of the website, especially on the videos page. The description of the movie states in part "I know the video is dark,
so is the fucking theater!" Theres just no need to have that kind of attitude with your members. It's just as easy to write "I'm sorry the video is dark, as some of you have noted, but these are homemade amateur videos taken in real, dark theaters." If you pay twenty bucks a month for a site, you shouldn't be sworn at, no matter the circumstances.

The content of the site is very low. There are only four original picture sets, with an additional two galleries of member submitted pictures. The pictures are great quality, with lots of clearness and a nice crispness you wouldn't expect in "dark fucking theaters" However, with such a small selection of girls, there just isn't much to choose from, and if you don't like a couple of the girls, the site is a total waste.

Unfortunately, the videos don't have much to add, content-wise. There are only three original videos, and two are from the same series. Those two are a glory hole series, so there is only one video that is true to the sites name. On top of that, the clip is only fifteen seconds long and there is the darkness that I'm sure some people won't like. There are a few member submitted videos as well, but nothing that stands out at all. The videos are done in the MPG format, and the quality has already been talked about, sooo theres not much else to say other than these vids probably won't stay on your hard drive.

The girls on the site are not your typical porn model type at all. They are amateur looking girls, the kind you would expect to find gangbanging in a theater! This is good if you like this kind of stuff, but if you don't, then you might be advised to stay away.

If this was a new site, I wouldn't be as hard on the content. But the picture sets that are there are copyrighted in 2002, which was two years ago! So basically, the site has just fallen to the garbage and is neglected.

There are some extras on the site, that give it a little more value. Both sections, the Diary and the Story section, are basically stories of theater sluts. There are just a few stories here, but still they are a cool extra. There are also extra websites you get access too, thank god, cause if this was a standalone you'd be crying right now.

As a part of your membership to this site, you get access to all of Dirty D's sites, which include Tampa Bukkake, Crackwhore Confessions, Glory Hole Girlz, Theater Sluts, Ukrain Amateurs, Phoenixx Blaque, The Oral Slut, Blonde Rider, Skunk Riley, Darians Fire, Lacy X, Lauras Black Lust, My White Wife Bows 2 Black Cock, White Girls Black Cocks, and Madame Sloan. Thats a huge number of sites, and they vary in quality and content, but it's just a good deal all around and most of these sites will be reviewed on here if you have any reservations about the bonus sites.


I've seen free sites with more content. Worth nothing, either do a major update of the site or shut it down completely and throw the content onto one of the network sites. This is just a great idea, and with what little content is involved its executed fairly well, but the lack of content just drags it down to the bottom.


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