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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $2.95/2 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$99.95/120 days

Review of Ukrain Amateurs:

When I came across a site named Ukrain Amateurs, I was a little dumbfounded. First of all, I have heard of Ukraine, and Ukrainians, but never knew much about the culture or history. I also knew very little about the geography, state of political affairs, popular pasttimes. I pretty much didn't know anything. And after scouring and reviewing the website Ukrain Amateurs, I am still ignorant to these features of the country. But I will admit that they have some hot-ass women!

The sites main page is a picture of some dude named Boris. Now Boris doesn't look the best, he doesn't have money, a car, or a house. He is also not a smooth talker. But he does find these cute, sexy, innocent girls, according to this site. Well, thats all well and good, but one thing my erection doesn't like is seeing a picture of the photographer on the main page of a porn site. I wouldn't mind it if it fit in with the site, but the front page made me think, uh-oh, this is going to be a leased-stuff only site. It's not, but it is sort of set up like one.

On the main page, you have good ole Boris, and some text links to the different sections of the site. There are photo sets with Single Girls, Girls on Girls, Boys on Girls, and Group. There is also single girl and hardcore videos. When you go into the pictures section, this really looks like a leased site, I'm not sure which one, but they might have used that as a design protocol. It's not a particularly bad design, in fact it gets the job done very nicely. The pages are laid out with sixteen thumbnails, one for each set. The single girls have four different pages of content, while the other sections hardly have one page of content. I'd say that this site is heavier with the photos, so I'll get into them first.

I already talked about the layout of the picture index. When you get into the the actual picture sets, things run just as smoothly. The pictures here are split up into seperate pages as well, to help ease loading times. The number of pages run from 3 to 8, but you get at least thirty pictures per girl, so there are plenty of pictures for you to rummage through. There is a variety in the pictures, which is sometimes a problem when there are huge amounts of the same set. No two pictures really look the same, and while you probably won't save every picture of a girl you like, you will have a nice choice and selection to get your favorite shots. The pictures are all professionally taken, not vidcaps. The quality is awesome, the pictures are very clear. No bluriness at all here. The angles are also good, and as much as I hate Boris plastering his mug on the main page, the guy is a damn good photographer.

With the high photo quality, you do run into one problem: large picture file sizes. The shots can run from 70KB to being over one meg. This isn't a problem if your connection and computer are ultra fast. But if your getting a lot of pictures, there is a good chance that one of these two elements could be slow. The pictures themselves are not of high resolution, however, like when someone who doesn't know how to resize pictures tries to use a scanner. Instead, they are slightly bigger than normal fare, but there is not a huge difference in it. All in all, these pictures are low resolution, but sharpness is ok, the tagging of at the bottom of all them makes them less enjoyable though.

The videos section is set up with one thumbnail of the video and the option to download the full length video or segments of video. The format used here is WMV. The video file sizes are very managable, even when downloading the full video. Very few videos are over 50MB and the scenes are around fifteen minutes each. The videos themselves look very good, you can full screen them, they won't look perfect but you won't get too angry with it either. The camera shots are also good, the videos are good all around. Theres some solo girl videos and some hardcore, so you also get a good selection of the two types without the redundancy of some sites. There were seven solo girls and eight hardcore videos at the time of this review. Your not overwhelmed or underwhelmed with the video content, its just sort of there. They promise to have more updates to the video section weekly.

I found a major highlight of the site to be the actual girls. They are very beautiful girls, for the most part, but they don't give off the aura of being skanky porn starlets either. They are mainly younger girls. There is one issue. Some of the girls are hairy. Not like 1970's bush hairy, but more hair than you are accustomed to seeing in pornography these days. Even so, their faces and bodies are so great, that even if your not a big hair fan (im not) than you can still enjoy the pictures to an extent.

The website claims to make weekly additions, but I have no way to back that up since they don't timestamp any of the sets. Still, there are a LOT of pictures and a decent number of videos to take up your time here, as well as an excellent bonus package.

As a part of your membership to this site, you get access to all of Dirty D's sites, which include Tampa Bukkake, Crackwhore Confessions, Glory Hole Girlz, Theater Sluts, Ukrain Amateurs, Phoenixx Blaque, The Oral Slut, Blonde Rider, Skunk Riley, Darians Fire, Lacy X, Lauras Black Lust, My White Wife Bows 2 Black Cock, White Girls Black Cocks, and Madame Sloan. Thats a huge number of sites, and they vary in quality and content, but it's just a good deal all around and most of these sites will be reviewed on here if you have any reservations about the bonus sites.


High quality pictures, lots of content, and a decent video section makes this site a winner in my book. I found the girls to be very attractive and enjoyable as well, that is purely subjective as I always say, but I just can't find many faults with this site. Combine that with the excellent bonus package and it's definately worth signing up for a good price!


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