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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.18/1 day, rebills at $39.97
$29.97/30 days
$59.97/90 days

Review of French Fuck Faces:

You know what they say about French girls? They say that they are HOT! How great would it be if there was a porn site dedicated entirely to French girls looking to have sex? That would be a great site wouldn't it? It would be second only to having a French girl in your bed, and that would be a great thing. Well, there may not be a girl with a sexy accent waking up next to you, but you can have French Fuck Faces as a second option!

French Fuck Faces is a reality-esque site with the basic theme of French women. Now this site isn't French FaceFuck, but it does seem to have a lot of blowjob scenes! It's also not Fuck Face, so it doesn't star Billy Ripkin. Nobody even looks like Billy Ripkin on this site. It's French Fuck Faces, and it features some hot twenty-something French girls getting paid to have sex on camera. While not an original concept, we'll see how it is executed.

The site design is what I would consider "basic." By no means is that a bad thing, but I felt like I was in a time warp back into a time when webpages were much simpler. Once again, this is not a bad thing, because progress has brought upon things like popups, over advertising, and clutter. This site lacks all of that, but it also lacks a little something to please the eye as well. Otherwise, it is just a very clean, simple site design, with a few flaws I will get into, but nothing major. As with most sites, French Fuck Faces has both a pictures and a movies section.

The movies section is laid out fairly simply. After you choose the girl you like, you are taken to a page with a breakdown of the movie section contents in one word text, for example "blowjob" and "fucking." Then you click on the video you want, and are taken to a popup window which streams the video and gives you the chance to download it if you wish. Each set has typically four or five segments, with each one lasting around five minutes. The first one is usually an introduction, and the rest are the naughty stuff icon_wink.gif The videos come in either Windows Media or Real Video files, and they give you the choice of high quality or lower quality (Broadband and 56K.) The Broadband quality movies are actually really good.. a little pixelation when full screened but a lot cleaner than most of the reality sites i've seen out there and also ran smooth as silk on my computer.

I found the action of the movies to be very good. First of all, the camera angles are very good, I was very impressed by them all in all. They change the angles up a lot, and theres a very minimal amount of the "man ass" angle which I really don't like too much. The colors are crisp and the lighting is done real well. I don't usually comment on sound too much, but in some instances it sounded a little tinny, but nothing too big. You just make comments like that when there isn't much to say because a good job was done! One minus is that there aren't any real thumbnails of the video files, so all you have to go on when downloading is the one picture of the girl, or if you decide to check out the pictures section first. These are good videos all around, definately worth checking out.

Now onto the pictures. Usually when a site has great videos, it's pictures are just vidcaps of the videos and just don't match up. Now, I'm not sure if these are vidcaps or not, but the quality of the pictures really surprised me. I know that they are taken from the same session as the videos were taken, I'm just not sure if they had someone snapping pictures opposite of the cameraman or not. But man, I looked real close for pixelation in these pictures, and mainly all I saw was was residue from the last time I sneezed all over the monitor! If they are vidcaps, they are incredibly well done, and I think that even if they are, somehow the pictures on the site turned out really well even as far as camera angle wise and action wise! On top of this all, you have the option to send any picture on the site to your friends via email. This is a very cool option, I haven't tested it but if it works all good and isn't used for capturing email addresses for spam, it's a very nice addition to a paysite.

On top of this, on some sets there is an additional photo gallery with even more pictures of the girl. I'm not sure where these come from or how they came about, but it is a very nice option if you really like a girl (like I really liked Lanie!) The files are uniquely named here I believe, but in the main section they are not, a glaring mistake I can't believe webmasters still make.

I found the girls to be, for the most part, very attractive. None of them had me running to the other computer to check out her videos immediately, but at the same time, I only found myself skipping over one girl when downloading. So I consider that a nice grouping of women. While they are all French women, there is no set format or age of the women, I'd say most of them are in their early twenties with no real emphasis on hair color or anything like that.

One thing I'd like to point out is that this site has a refreshing amount of variety in it for a reality-ish site. In most reality sites, the focus is on some outside storyline, so when the actual sex begins, it all seems to look pretty much the same but with different girls. On French Fuck Faces, there were some refreshing little changes to this. One set featured a girl who was locked up in a cage. There was another set where there were two girls, and for the most part one was sitting there reading a book fully clothed while the other one was having her pussy pounded! Then she started to get into it a little bit, and it just made it hot to me... and refreshing for a change. Now, I'm not saying it is chock full of variety or anything to that extent.. but it was worth noting as something I liked a lot.

There are bonus sites you get when you sign up for French Fuck Faces. They include Blowjob Auditions, Sweet Dominique, Her First Gang Bang, We Fuck in Public, and Teen Sabrina. These are all websites unto themselves and all worthy of a visit it would seem from my quick lookover. Theres also a lot of leased video content to keep you occupied after you have downloaded all of the women from the site. You also get access to Malezia and Nina TV.

There are seventeen total sets, with one possible repeat (my hottie Lanie, but if it's a repeat her birthday date has changed lol) so there are sixteen total girls. If you sign up for this site expecting constant updates, you might want to not sign up for this site. It just doesn't appear to have been updated in a while, so it's more of those "sign up to grab all the movies and then take off" sites instead of one that has constant updates and is worth holding on to. On the other hand, they claim to update daily, but I think it's just a smokescreen and would need evidence on what they actually update.


Even though its design comes off as somewhat simple and amateurish, this is actually a very cool site with very little problems and a whole lot of good. It really shines in the Quality department, and there is more content than it seems because the website is so clean and compact. Since you get the cool package of bonus sites, I'd definately recommend checking out French Face Fucks!


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