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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MOV, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days

Review of Bang Boat:

Come with me, if you will. Enter the boat of desire and sin. Enter the boat of porn and filth. Enter the Bang Boat!

You might be thinking, wow, what an original concept.. A couple of guys pick up some girls on their bu... err.. boat, have mad crazy sex with them, and then dump them off. It's so original that someone should make a reality porn website about it. Well, someone did! It's called the Bang Boat, and it will be reviewed here right now!

Upon entering Bang Boat, you get hit with a bunch of links and stuff all over the place. Once you get your senses together from that hit, you will see that the site organization is actually not all that bad. There is a lot of stuff on the main page, which acts as a portal more than a main membership page, but it is easy to navigate for the most part. I was never too confused on the bang boat. I always knew which cabin the sex was going on in!

Categorized as a reality video site, the bang boat also caters more to the interracial crowd than it's name allows you to think. "Captain Poon" is the Captain of the Bang Boat, and he is a black man. Several of the other male stars are also black. The title of the main page says "Ahoy Mate! Bitches On Board". I'm not making this up. I swear. Pretty funny cool concept, and while it's not too original, I found it pretty enjoyable regardless.

The pictures on this site were frankly a turn off. They are poorly taken vidcaps with some degree of pixelation and no degree of artistic quality or intent. There are over 200 pictures per girl, so they at least give you a large quantity of photos, although like most vidcaps there are a lot of pictures that are "samey." Normally, with a reality video site, this wouldn't bother me as much, but with the videos not being downloadable, it became a bigger problem for me.

Thats right. I said the videos are not downloadable, only streamable. I found this to be a giant error that should be fixed! You pay for the expensive membership to the site, you pay for all this great original content, and you can't even view it in your leisure. You can't view it when you decide to cease membership. And you can't burn it to a cd, to view later. So all you are left to remember the site by is a couple of crappy pictures. And you can't FF through the crap you dont like! I just don't like this aspect of the site.

To get more technical, the videos are viewable in two formats with three different bitrates. The two formats are Windows Media and Quicktime. The quality of video you get depends on which quality bitrate you take. At its highest, the videos are good and well but not perfectly full screenable, and at the lowest they can be pretty damn pixelated. The videos are segmented into two minute segments, and there are typically 15-20 segments per set. Nothing screams out pain more than having the wait for streams to restart between segments.

As far as the actual action and camerawork here, I found it to be pretty top notch. Nothing too special, nothing to complain about either. The girls I saw on the site were very cute to my eye, very attractive and someone I would really like to see naked and "doing it." That just hurts me more that the videos are only streamable on a video-driven site. The girls are pretty much a mix and match of early twenties reality site types. Very high quality women, most white and hot. As I mentioned, there is an emphasis on interracial sex on the Bang Boat, and I would also like to mention there is an emphasis on "MMF" sex, with two guys and one girl. Good stuff.

The bonus package included with bang Boat is EXCELLENT. You get either other reality sites, and only one other one is Streaming Only with no downloads. All the other ones will have your fingers flying with the downloads. They include: Her First Big Cock, Black Cocks White Sluts, Teens For Cash, Milf Seeker, Porn Stud Search, My Sex Tour, Backseat Bangers, and Gangbang Squad. All you can really say is "wow" in this situation.

On top of that, you also get connected with no less than 55 leased sites, this becomes one hell of a deal despite the weak no-downloading aspect of the site.

Bang Boat is not a bad site, it's just poorly executed. Not having downloadable videos make the pictures more of a premium, but the pictures aren't all that great. I'd recommend it based purely on the bonus material, but as a site alone I'd offer to steer clear until some downloadable videos or better quality pictures show up.


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