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Review of Fully Clothed Sex:

Sometimes sex is spontaneous. Sometimes it needs to be done quickly. Say you're having a fling with the beautiful young thing two offices over. The only chance you have to fool around with her is in your office, but hey, what if someone comes in? What if someone needs you? You need to be able to be able to change back to normal sometimes. So sometimes, you just need to have fully clothed sex.

The site under review is Fully Clothed Sex, does the name say it all or what? Now the concept needs a little clarification, because men on the site are usually not fully clothed, they are for the most part completely naked. It's the women who are fully clothed. But this is not a site that deals with sex through the clothing. The women will expose all the vitals to the act that they are performing, but little more. For example, if its a regular sex act we're watching, the girl will pull up her skirt and allow the man into her. Stuff like that.

I found the weakest part of the site to be the design of it. The site is done in a frame, with the site logo on the top being constant as well as two ads on the sidebar being constant. All of the updates are accessed from the main page, which works on some sites, but in this case it's a little sloppy because there are a LOT of updates. There are further issues with the pictures and the videos but I will get into those in their respective sections.

The pictures on this site are simply awesome. The pictures are very sharp, very well taken, and the action inside the pictures is depicted very well. There are plenty of pictures per set, enough to get your fill completely of the action going on, but not too many to be overly repetitive and boring. They did a very good job with pictures, but unfortunately, they are not displayed well design-wise. Each set has over 100 pictures, with some carrying three times that even, and every single picture is thumbnailed on one page, which can carry some disasterrific load times. The sheer number of updates make this problem seem less significant as it would on other comparable sites.

There is also a section for vidcaps, pictures taken directly from the videos. This is like a sloppy version of the pictures section, and I really cannot see a justification for getting vidcaps when the pictures are so damn good, but I guess if you really like a series you might do this.

Finally, there are the videos. Videos are done in the MPG format, which is the best safe bet for those out there who don't know much about codecs, etc. The videos are segmented into one minute segments, with an average series getting about 10 videos. The videos are done fairly well, I could use a little more changes in the camera angles across the series, but overall still done very well. I would say while the pictures are ultra-impressive, the videos are just there. Still a great reason to join the site though, don't get me wrong.

The concept of the site is followed very tightly. You won't be seeing too many boobies on this site. There is a tendency to pick women who are well dressed in silk, most wearing skirts with no underpants. I thought some scenes were very hot when there was some lesbian play, and one lesbian had pantyhose on, and the other just ripped them open to get to the special fish package! Really good stuff is done here!

I must admit I am a pretty big fan of the clothed women thing. I'm not sure where it came from, but I think just seeing a nude women doesn't interest me as much as seeing a sexily dressed woman. I do want to see that sexily dressed woman doing naughty things, too! So if you're like me, score extra bonus points. The site is pretty hardcore, but there is nothing too crazy, pretty much just pussy sex, handjobs, blowjobs, and some lesbian play. I found the women on the site to be pretty classy and goodlooking, and I think they fit within the concept really well.

A new series is added weekly to the site, and I think one of the strong points of this site is the sheer number of series online at this point. With about 80 sets at the time of review, and a weekly update which seems to be followed pretty religiously, you are just being overwhelmed with content and I think that ads to make this a great site. Furthermore, the older sets are just as hot and great as the newer ones!

This is a great site, and it comes highly recommended for clothed sex fetishists and regular porn viewers alike! There are a few site design flaws, but with the amount and quality of the stuff you're getting here, it should be pretty easy to overlook!


Reader comments:

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