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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.95/3 days
$24.95/30 days

Review of Dirty Latina Maids:

Theres just something about maids. Everyone, at least once in their lifetime, should experience sex from a hot maid. Whether it be your personal maid, or one at a hotel room, something about that outfit drives men (and some women) wild! Maybe it's the shortness of the skirt, maybe it's the tightness of the top.. or maybe it's just the fact that these are beautiful women near the bottom of the social scale. Either way, we want them, and with the site Dirty Latina Maids, we can get them.

Dirty Latina Maids is a video site whose content is pretty much right in the name. This guy takes Latina maids, and talks them into fucking him for money. Pretty cool concept huh? There is a variety in storyline from video to video, in fact, I'd say the variety in stories is quite high compared to other comparable sites I've seen.

It's a video site, so let's talk about the videos a little bit. You can do no wrong in the formats offered here, as there are segmented WMVs and MPGs as well as full movie downloads in two quality WMV and MPG. I can't see how this could be done any better, very well done here. The videos can be full screened well, depending on which quality you download of course. I had the most luck with MPGs so you might want to stick with the golden oldies if your a quality freak, even if it means a slightly more time consuming download. The full movies are an average of about a half hour long, and there are only an average of about five or six segments per scene, so the segments are nice and meaty too.

The actual content of the video is great. I mentioned earlier that there is an average of thirty minutes per video. Well, sometimes up to 8 or 10 can be just talking and early foreplay stuff. Usually I would complain about this, but in this sites case, it fits in right with the story and is actually pretty cool and not overdone as in some cases. Most of the scenes are just cut and dried hardcore, nothing too kinky or unordinary, but still very hot scenes. A few of the scenes I saw were held back by the girls involved in them, but I'll get into that later.

The pictures on the site are also done well. While the sites main focus is videos, and all the pictures are just pictures from the videos, they do a good job with it considering this. They are thumbnailed well, and I found that this site features more pictures than some of its sister sites, but I didn't find them to be overly redundant either. With them being vidcaps, they are actually done real well with very little "action blur" and there are some great photos snapped from the scenes. You won't sign up for the pictures, but they are a nice little addition if theres a woman on the site you are particularly enamored with.

The quality of the girls on the site is also very good. I know that everyone has varying opinions of girls, but I found a few on here to not be of the high quality I have come to expect from these guys considering their sister sites. But at the same time, I found a few girls on here who I found hotter than hell, and way better than a lot of the girls on sister sites. I guess it's just a tossup, but all in all here, if you like latinas, you will like these girls. Furthermore, the girls on the site put on a very convincing show. You will not have to suspend your disbelief in thinking that these are maids looking for a quick buck. Very believable stuff, and the girls are very good at looking amateur and not like porn stars.

There are plenty of scenes to keep you busy. It is not mentioned how often the site is updated, however, so you may not get the guaranteed updates that some other offers have.

The bonuses are worth a mention here. You get access to a few webcam chat services it seems. But the biggie is you get access to five similar websites done by the same group, Nasty Cops, My First Sex Teacher (review), Dirty Latina Maids (review), Filthy Fucking Coeds (review), SoCalCoeds (review), and Book Worm Bitches (review).
Each site has its own theme, which are all pretty evident in their names. I glanced over them real quick, and they all seem to be of comparable quality to this site, so it's a pretty great bang for your buck deal. Look for some of these sites to also be reviewed on here, to get further information on them.

One final feature which I really liked is the fact that the site has a fully functional message board, The Porn Country Club. The board is a phpBB, which is a popular and very good board system. The board is monitored by the webmasters a lot, and all user questions are answered and there is also an ample amount of discussion. Just a cool little feature that should be commended.

Very solid site where I can make very few complaints. With the package you get for a monthly membership, this is a no-brainer, go sign up now. Stand alone, Dirty Latina Maids is a great site too, probably worth the money alone but with all the bonuses, you just have to do a month and have yourself many nights of downloading ahead of you!


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