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Review of Easy News:

I am not the greatest fan in the world of newsgroups; to tell you the truth I have never used them at all. I find the whole setup confusing, hard to navigate and in most cases boring to look at. Well this site is basically just such a newsgroup except that with your membership here you get access to a lot of them. The newsgroups are ofcourse of erotic content and contain whatever your heart might desire.

I spent a few hours on this site to figure out exactly how it works, and I must say that once you get past the boring look and get used to how everything works, like the .zip function, the site grew on me.
The big force of the site is of course it's massive content since it seems to be never-ending. All you have to do is find your way through group names like:




As you can gather by my examples, there are not only pictures here, far from it! This site contains porn movies and regular movies, all packed and ready to download. Now I have not yet tried to download one of the big full size videos but I have been told that a lot of people I know use easynews a lot for erotic videos, so take their word for it.

As we are dealing with newsgroups here, you yourself become part of that whole community with Easynews and therefore you will be able to share your goodies with the world from here. So if you are sitting at home with some un-releases Jenna Jameson pictures or maybe a clip of your girlfriend or wife, you are able to upload it here for everyone to view.

This "sharing" mentality is a very good thing; it ensures that you find stuff here that you will never be able to find anywhere else. But also I have to shoot off a little warning here. Because it's a newsgroup collection you will also run into a lot of illegal material here, and one thing can be erotic pictures/video of children. We know that easynews are working hard to remove that content, but it's kind of an impossible mission to remove it all, all we can say is that the staff reacted promptly when we made them aware of an underage photo shoot and it was removed right away.

Easynews does a lot to ensure that things don't get out of control and the spammers don't get a chance. One of the steps they have taken to ensure this is that if you sign up using a 900 number you will not be able to contribute to the groups (nice one!).

In the end I have to say I like this site a lot. I liked to find all the stuff ppl have sent in, fan pictures and so on, and I loved that there was just so much of it. Now quality we can discuss until the cows come home, but it's impossible really to decide, I'm going to give it 17 there because it's not just any old crap that gets on there, hope easy news can live with that decision.

$9.98 per month or 6GB (which ever comes first)

The site is definitely the best of it's kind so it comes highly recommended and we believe the price is very fair!

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