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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.99/30 days
$49.99/60 days

Review of Exploited Moms:

I used to go out with this girl called Lisa. Nice lass, ok to look at. But her sister was something else. Big jugs, beautiful ass and a face to die for, but as thick as shit. In a perfect world I could've put the two sisters together and had a good looking woman with brains. But the world isn't perfect which, is why I got dumped for gazing down the sisters top at a party (You can't blame me really.It was like some huge gravity well sucking me in).

Well that's what this site is like. Originally it was going to be a review of just, but I fell in love with its sister site,, which you also have access to.By the looks of things this shaping up to be another type of setup, as there's also a link to EXPLOITEDBLACKTEENS.COM.Although the site isn't open yet it doesn't take genius to figure out what the content will be.

So what do you get for money? Well Exploitedmoms has approximately 36 video's of horny MILF's. Quality of the video's is actually quite good, in fact I'd say better than the revered benchmark of allsiteaccess.But more importantly the quality of the women is pretty good as well.There are a couple of swamp donkeys in there, but in general they've done a good job on the totty count (Delilah and Jessica are pick of crop for me). The video's last about 30 minutes, but they have committed the cardinal sin of splitting the video's into smaller segments without letting you download the movie in one piece. It's not the end of the world to me, but some people don't like it. The video content is in general the standard one shagging one woman, with out much variety on that theme (well there is one video with two women,but unfortunately they fall into the swamp donkey category).There are pictures on the site, but they're only screencaps of the movies and not much to talk about. There's also some poor quality MILF movies that have ripped from video, but these are of poor quality and not really worth the bandwidth.

The best way to describe Exploitedteens is think Bubblegirls with blowjobs. Take a teen,talk to her,get her to strip, then finger her pussy before she her mouth becomes a lifeboat (Salty semen tossing in it). Basic but it does the job, especially when the totty count is so high. 84 video's of some extremely good looking teens, and they've been very particular about the teens they choose.

Site layout is very basic, and the webmaster won't win any awards for it, but you don't get lost in it and there are no dead-ends which you get on some flashier looking sites.

The only gripe I could say I have with this site is the lack of variety. Video's are good quality and plentiful, but they are too samey. There's only a couple of video's which see any dildo's, only two threesomes and that's it.This place does look promising, but personally I wouldn't resubscribe unless there was a more varied offering. That said, it is good and worth at least one visit,if only just to see Jessica do her 'thing' (when you see it you'll know what I mean)


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