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Review of Watchers Web:

Today I want to introduce you to a site that has given me a year of nonstop porn action at a great price with very little hassle. The name of the site is, and it is a portion of the online voyeur/amateur community which is populated by a few different sites. WW is the only one I have joined, but these sites all offer free softcore photos, with the membership fee getting you hardcore and some goodies.

In specific, I am going to be reviewing the section "Voodoo Lounge" and "Archive." A membership here gets you access to the following:

Explicit Shots- Daily updated amateur hardcore pics

The Archive- All submissions since the first day of watchers web. Over 50,000 total galleries. You get both the softcore free content and the hardcore content, ever since they began in '99.

The Cinema- Movie Submissions

Studio Amateurs- This section contains beautiful women in a studio posing, akin to alot of regular websites out there.

Webmistress X-Rated- This section is of amateurs with their own sites posting sample pictures. A good resource when looking for sites to sign up with.

Men- Male submissions

Let's start out with the great. Watchers web is updated daily, with 10-20 galleries added each day. They are always on time, and always plentiful, so there is no way you are losing out on this account.

Watchers web is an amateur site, people like you and I send in their pictures. That means that the content is 100% original and amateur. You won't find these pictures anywhere else. Since it is amateur, that also means that the content is of varying quality. There is something for everybody here! But at the same time, not everyone out there will like everything posted. But that is also part of the charm of the site.

The picture quality really varies. It all depends on the submitter. I'd say about 70% of the pictures here are of great or good quality. There are some things that might annoy you, one thing I personally hate are the people who are chickenshit and black out their faces in their pictures. But, you're going to get that with any voyeur site and it's not really anything to hold against the site.

The same goes for video quality and types of videos- it's sort of a crapshoot, but an interesting one. Unfortunately it's a bigger crapshoot since there are no thumbnails of the videos, but this is really a picture driven site, so the videos are just a nice extra.

The one flaw I've found with watchersweb is that its design could use some tweaking. I'm actually a big fan of the main site design, where you begin with the most recent update, and can just click through galleries of thumbnails by hitting next. This is very fast loading and great to use. The problem comes in with the archive. The early pages of the archive are not thumbnailed at all, a problem they later fixed when they put one thumbnail per submission. Clicking on the html link will take you to the full submission, with all full size pictures and comments for every photo. This slows things down a little, and there is always a question if you miss a good series because the first image (the thumbnailled one) doesn't interest you. While this is a flaw, and a pretty annoying one to be honest, it should not divert you from checking out a membership.

To reiterate some of the extras, there are some cool ones if you happen to finish going through the archive before your membership expires. The Studio Amateurs section is a great section of beautiful women with professionally taken pictures, but they are amateurs in the sense that this is their first time appearing on a website. There are 12 pages of girls with 16 girls on each page. There is also the daily-updated Webmistress X-Rated section, which has galleries of women who have their own sites elsewhere on the net. Just some great features.

To finish off the package, we have just an awesome price. 39.95 for a YEAR of access. That is about 3.50 a month! Just awesome

I think that the pay section of is definately a good buy. It's a no-brainer if you are into amateur sites. If you're not, I still think it's a great deal, just tons and tons of content for a great price. It's definately worth considering, and if you're a little skeptical, try out the free softcore pages for a few days until you jump in. Great site.

39.95/year for Full Access
24.95/year for Access to Voodoo Lounge only

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