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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MOV, MP4, MPEG, RM, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Amateur Creampies:

What is a creampie? Well, it's when a man shoots his load inside of a woman, and the end result is captured on videotape or in picture form. What is Amateur Cream Pies? Well, it's an incredibly well done website that I would recommend to creampie fans and non-fans alike. Let me begin by saying that I have never been a fan of creampies, so my review might be sligtly "off" to those fans of the genre. With that in mind, let's begin by talking about site layout.

Amateur Cream Pies is laid out very nicely. The sidebars neatly direct you to any area you might be interested in. In each area, you get simple, to-the-point navigation. The thumbnails are used very effectively, you will know without going to ten pages if you will like a featured girl.

The content is also very good. I was shocked at how hot these women are. The site manages to balance the fine line of women looking amateur, and yet being very appealing. The women don't look too "porn-star" ish but at the same time, they don't look like your shriveled up local crackwhore either. Basically, they look like nice normal girls.

The number of girls is also outstanding. The joinup page advertises over 100 women, and that is true. And a large number of them are hot and the pictures are all well taken.

The pictures are also done very well. I like the quality of the photos, the lighting is awesome and the pictures are sized very nicely. As far as what is actually going on in the pictures, the focus is on the creampies. However, most of the galleries have about 7 pages, and there is a little action involving undressing, oral, and fucking. There is a slight emphasis on closeups, so if you are a fan of closeups, pay special attention to this site.

A good portion of the girls on this site also have videos as well. The videos are offered in four different formats, Broadband and Dialup Real Player, and Broadband and Dialup WMV. When trying to download some of the broadband WMVs, I ran into the problem where if you click the link, you get a bunch of ASCII text (LKWHdgflkshdglskdhglsdkglksdjglsda) <-- looks like that hehe. Easily fixed by saving the link, but it's still sort of a pain if you don't know how. This may not be a problem in some browsers as well. Also, most of the videos are named the same, a very amateurish mistake that surpises me here. The thumbnails for the videos aren't exactly great, so it's better to check out the picture galleries and see if you like the girl, and then download the videos. The videos themselves are pretty clean, nothing great but at the same time not annoying either, just good videos.

The site also gives you some great extras. They have amateur submitted creampie pictures, which are good but they have more of that amateur quality than the normal site content. But for creampie fans, this is great! There are also about 12 galleries of creampie images taken from around the net. Another great feature for creampie fans. Finally, you also get access to, which is another site of great quality. Overall, a great package.

This is a great site, a must buy for fans of creampies. I'm not a fan and I found myself enjoying the site heavily! Speaking of which, even if your not a fan, check it out for at least a month, because some of the women on here are hot hot hot, and worth checking out.


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