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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.98
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Review of Blind Date Bangers:

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- a membership to either site allows full access to the 3 others.

It's not been that long since I had a look at and the sites included when you signed up for that site and as it turns out the same people behind that 4-reality-site-combo have a very similar package running that follows the same exact recipe, the package includes access to 4 reality sites with different themes. The sites included here are:,, and If we get past the fact that they are all a bitch to type in your browser we actually get nice chunk of exclusive amateur reality videos and an endless amount of leased content.

I wanna spit a little venom in the webmaster's direction first, I am still very disappointed that I still have to struggle with a popup page inside the members area every time I switch to one of the other sites included. Why oh why must I endure this (knocking off rating in ads, take that!) I am just fortunate that I am running the google toolbar so I can avoid them, others may not be so lucky.
While I am being grumpy here I wanna touch on one of the most common annoyances on these type of sites and that is the fact that the videos are ONLY available in a, sometimes, ridiculous amount of segments for us to plow our way through to watch a porn movie. On this front these sites are in the worst end, I found movies that ran over 40 segments, 40 1½ minute clips, come on please. I know one file would probably be overkill as well as it would be 120MB in size but at least give us a better alternative than 40 clips, maybe a 3 clips feature or something for the broadband users out there. I find that I choose to skip the intro storylines and just start downloading from the action parts because I don't have the patience to start downloading all 40 clips but I hate missing the storylines too as this is the best part about reality sites! If you are anything like me you will probably just settle for streams as well.

Ok now that I got that off my chest let's just see if we can find a silver lining here, and that's not too hard really. If you dig the reality genre because of the setups and amateur feel then the sites give you a nice amount of both here, also the girls these guys get a hold of are not the same overused ones you find on a lot of other reality sites where they are all produced by the same content provider. A lot of the time you can find a lot of sites from the same company that have a new episode done for every site, every week but they use the same model for all the sites, well that's not the case here and I like that.

The quality of the videos are ok, gets a bit blocky when viewed in full screen but fine to watch. The best part of the movies here is that there are a lot of them, spread out over the 4 sites you get access to here there are 50 movies (usually 45 minutes long) and this is like 35 hours of exclusive amateur reality videos, that's a nice chunk of DVDs huh? Another positive point to make about the videos would be that a lot of work goes into the build-up of the scenes or the setup if you will, in fact this is half of the duration of a movie. I like that they pay attention the story part especially because lately I've been to some reality sites that have seem to have a strict formula when making the clips, I like the "real" storylines where the girls get tricked/picked up and I these movies have that.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this review there is a lot of leased content here, if you joined the shegotconned sites (check here) you will find nothing view as the leased areas are identical. I went through some of the leased video sites really quick and found only one or two decent ones, a lot of them were short clips and you would have to pay to see full movies. The galleries on the other hand are awesome if you like high resolution quality pictures. These galleries are actually not leased, the are simply shared on the sites CEN so there is a chance you will have seen these as well, so they are not passed off as exclusive, simply bonus content. I still go through their enormous collection when I join one of their sites because they have an impressive collection by now being around for so long.

Each of the exclusive reality sites are still updated once a week so during a month you are guaranteed a nice amount of fresh content, would be incredible if they would combine these 4 sites with the others then I would definitely shell out half a star more.

I like this package infact I like it because it IS a package deal, had it just been another reality site with just 10 clips and nothing more one of the sites would get a max of 3 stars per site but when you put ‘em all together it becomes a fairly good deal. If they would just kill those damn popups for the members and make some bigger clips available it would help the rating as well, for now these 35 hours of reality porn gets 4 stars. See if the story lines are for you first.


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