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Review of Place of Porn: is exactly what the name suggests it's just a place filled with porn, there is not particular niche the site aims for and no niche seems to be out of bounds for the webmasters. The site can be summed up in a single line; a nice amount of licensed and totally un-exclusive porn.

Yes unfortunately this site is pretty unoriginal when it comes to the content, the pictures especially were very familiar to me, not so much the videos but these are also not produced exclusively for this site. The worst part of it all though is that nothing is actually downloadable by default, not even the pictures. The pictures you can download if you click the thumbnail, then you go to the picture viewing page, here you can click "view full screen" and here you can right click and save the picture but that's quite a hassle to go through for one picture at a time. Also all the videos are only feeds and frankly the clips are quite boring, the movies start right on the action with no storyline whatsoever, I like to call these types of movies impersonal porn.

The site advertises "live chat with hot and horny girls behind their webcam" the sad thing about this part is that you get absolutely nothing, well you can join a chatroom but unless you pony up some more brass you'll see no ass. Usually these places let you see that girl you are supposed to be chatting to on a webcam in these cases, hell there are tons of webcam sites that let you talk to them for free with live feeds, you just have to pay for the nudity if you want that. Not here though, you can only text chat, if you want to see the live stream you have to buy credits and the smallest amount is 10 euros. I cant tell you how much duration of live stream you get for this amount because the "how it works" page was not working and the live support was offline, scary really.

despite the fact that I got bored here extremely quickly and was very appreciative of the fact that I hadn't paid for access, I still became strangely enthralled by the exceptionally well executed design. The style is kept perfectly thoughout the entire site and it's hands down one of the easiest and quickest sites to surf that I have ever seen. If you are going through the pictures, which there are a lot of or going through videos it's the easiest most painless navigation I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing before and I love the styling, hats off to the designer other sites could definitely learn a thing or two about user friendliness from this guy.

The cool design is sure to entice a lot of users, hell even I couldn't wait to log in after just going through the preview area. The preview area is very extensive and lets you view all the models by thumbnails and see exactly how many movies there are and see a screenshot from each one, so really you are not buying the cat in the bag, what you see really is what you get, but you can't keep it. The site on the whole ends up being a medium porn site with one of the slickest surfaces you will see for a while. The content is unoriginal and the webcams cost extra.

2 day trial: $3.95
1 month: $24.95

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