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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $4.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of Got Nailed: got launched quite a while ago and I think I pretty much took notice of it right away because I am after all a pretty loyal fan of the whole reality genre (and yes I watch Survivor too!). I have to admit though that it's starting to get kinda hard finding any originality on any of these reality sites. By now I think most of you know the drill don't you? Well let's just sum it up; guys go out with camera, guys meet girl, guys "trick" girl into having sex on camera. There really isn't much more to it and I've still seen site that manage to spice up this simply storyline up to still make the clips cool as hell and does a decent job of this too.

I was kinda surprised when I first entered the members area because I think it's the most simple one to date. When you first enter you will these "Polaroid thumbnails" of the girls with their names on them and this is it. Nothing else, no other links, no leased material or even some bonus sits, there are links for the software you need to view the videos which is Media Player 9, so yes you guessed it, the videos are are in .wmv format. Ok so each thumbnail is one episode with that one girl and at the time of this review there are 20 episodes available.

Each episode is available as streaming video or downloadable either is available in 3 different levels of quality (56k, 128k 300k). An episode consists of 4 clips which in the highest quality is usually 30MB per clip. Usually I like big files because I have pretty fast broadband but during the two days I was visiting the site I was unable to get higher download speed than 30KB/sec which is about one tenth of what I usually get. I don't know if this is because they cap the connection speed on their end or the server the site is on is just overloaded a lot.

Anyways, my enthusiasm for the site pretty much got lost during the download waiting periods and then when I saw the quality I waited so long for I couldn't help but being a little extra disappointed because in full screen mode the picture gets rather blurry, seems to me that a lot of these reality sites could learn something from the smaller quality concerned amateur sites out there. Ok so it's not really bad, it's ok but you won't be jumping with joy over the quality. The silver lining here is that the storys are pretty well done and the whole process of "thawing the girl up for sex" makes for great videos and an episode is usually are 45-55 minutes so almost 20 hours worth of reality movies all together I guess, lets say 15 instead though that's safer ;)

There isn't much more to say about this site, I think the movies are pretty well executed and I enjoyed watching them but at then end of the day, the only reason that you would stick around here for more than a week would be that the download speeds are so slow otherwise there isn't really enough content to keep you coming back for more, also because the update frequency is a pretty well kept secret, they don't promise you any updates and there is no way of telling when the last update was, I guess that would suggest they are not too proud of it themselves. There are photo gallerys for each episode as wel but these just screen dumps and not really worth watching.

Compared to a lot of reality sites out there this one doesn't really offer us that much for our money. We get these 20 movies and we just have to be satisfied with this I guess for our $30. If we look at almost any other competing reality site out there you will get 3-4 or even 9 extra sites thrown in at that price even for the price of $25 at you get like 10 sites orso. Don't get me wrong the movies here are good and the reality genre is certainly richer with these clips, but the site seem "empty" for lack of a better word and I didn't get the feeling of any activity whatsoever. I can recommend the 3-day trial easily, after that it's up to you, I think this one is just a tad over average.


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