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Review of Cam Cutie:

Welcome to the bi-sexual playground for Krystal, Candy, Amanda and Fiona, actually I think Amanda and Fiona might have joined this bi-club recently as the tour page only speaks of Krystal and Candy. Here is a short introduction to the girls as found on their page:

Hi, we are Amanda, Fiona, Krystal & Candy. Yes, three of us are related to each other in some way. Makes for very interesting family reunions as you might imagine. Krystal & Fiona are cousins that grew up as children together in Mississippi & Arkansas. Amanda & Krystal are sister-in-laws that are married to brothers from New Orleans. As for Candy, she is our favorite little beach bunny from Florida.

Keeping it in the family huh? We might refer to these girls as the bisexual mafia on the internet then I guess? All jokes aside though let's look at what Krystal and Candy set out to do when they started this page up. This is where the name of the site starts to make sense because the cornerstone of the site are the "real live cams". As I was reading their About us page I became very excited about this whole idea actually and not only did it sound great but I was preparing to spend most of my days sitting around watching the girl's cams, well their spirit is willing but their technology is weak.

I had a bad feeling about the site ever since I first clicked onto the front page of their site, I was stupid enough to click where it said "Click here" and below "for topcams" and then I ended up on some toplist where I was wondering if this could really be it. I went back to see how I could have followed this misleading link and as it turns out it was a very honest mistake. They have put this toplist link (to generate more traffic to their site) at the top of the front page and then placed the actual "Enter here" link exactly low enough so that if you are running a resolution of 1024*768 or below you will have to scroll down to find it. Granted this put me in a bad mood but I was still excited to see some bi-girls go at it live and following them around their apartment and stuff.

At first I was ignoring the ghastly design of the page or perhaps lack thereof because I've seen a lot of amateur sites produce great material even if their html skills are not up to date. But as I had feared the design would be an indicator for the level of quality I had to endure, and this is where I let the cat out of the bag and tell you that I really had a pretty boring time here.

I don't want to spend a hell of a lot of time on the rest of this review so let me pretty much sum it up for you.
There is a gallery section, this is a thumbnailed listing, no names attached to these, I am stumped why they wouldn't at least put some names below or something, this way you can't keep track of what sets you have already seen. Except for maybe 5-10 sets the pictures really are of pretty poor quality. This could easily have been overlooked if the live cams were rocking, but really, they are not. I hung around for an hour going through the 4 "live" cams that were all placed in each of the girl's bedrooms. A I got was a picture of each bedroom and the image never updated once, I could see Amanda in one of them but her "feed" wasn't active at all.

They do live voice chats every day but I didn't hang around for this to tell you the truth, 1. I don't think a voice chat is anything special, I might as well hit up some girl on skype instead and 2. I didn't wanna download the extra software to do it. When they do liveshows it looks like it's actually good action and all but if it's anything like the "replay cam" where you can see previous live shows I wouldn't recommend it. The replay cam is not actually a feed it's a 1 second picture update no motion about it whatsoever.

Their "peek shows" are located here and "their" live feeds are here: . These are free services already so don't sign up here to live chat with the girls. A great example of their quality concern here is this text placed on the "live feeds" page:

WARNING: After clicking on a room to view a show, DO NOT click on any ads or links within the new window that will come up with the live feed image. Including any text links that say something like "click here to chat with model". The models are not live and the "live feed" provider has evidently added auto loading pop up ads that are quite annoying.

Hehe yet there it is… go figure.

What saves this site from total disaster are the mpegs, these are actually pretty neat quality but also very big sized files. The movies are downloaded in .zip files but the zip files still contain segments…. Why? If you are already only making big files available for download why are the files cut up once you unpack it?

Sorry this site is badly executed in many many ways and I think the price of $25 for a month is more than pushing it for this stuff. Knock $10 off and start emphasizing your videos then a single month subscription might be worth it but for right now it's just a messy pile of bad quality and traffic building tricks.

1 month: $24.95

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