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Prices: $34.96/30 days

Review of 18 honeys:

I got this request by the webmaster of the site and he seemed to be very interested to know whether or not the navigation was good or not, and I have to admit the design is very well thought out and it keeps it's style throughout the site so in department I have no complaints whatsoever. Actually after going over the tour pages I was very anxious to go inside and get to work on all the content with girls straight out of college campus, I hope this isn't meant to imply that all their models are US or something, because I doubt half the girls have ever or will ever set their foot on American soil.

The content is pretty easy to go through thanks to a category search box located on the "home" page. It's a bit hidden and I wondered why it wasn't linked to from the top and why you had to go to Home and scroll down to use it (the webmaster is changing this) but nevertheless it's very usefull and let's you go by movies and pictures by category. I did a quick search of video and there are 80 available here, actually more than I figured at first just going through the sets pages. Unfortunately there is no way of just going through exclusive content, apparently it's all mixed together and I'm hoping the category search box will feature an "exclusive" category in the future, once it's possible to see how much new material there is here it would almost certainly get a nudge up in rating.

Now that we are on the navigation/design part of the site I have some serious hiccups I need to get out, and that would be the disguised advertising in the rest of the sections, let me explain. There is a section called "phonesex", this is of course just a phone number you have to call to get some phone sex, the page doesn't let you know how much it is per minute or anything, but I'm sure you are told once you've dialed it, just another way of getting more money out of you but it doesn't stop here. Try the "cool links" sections, this section is a healthy mix of prescription medicine and penis pills to casino's and other porn sites, the cool part is that these are all sites that cost money and the webmasters here get money if they refer you, this I would usually overlook but when every section is like this you get a bit bitter I guess, for example the "camgirls" section is just one big link to ifriends where they will also get a percentage of what you use there. The last section is the shop section, ok so an adult shop is always nice and shouldn't really deduct in rating of course but it's just to show you what little content is actually left once you strip the sections one by one, and this shop by the way is a standard shop from mallcom (it's free for anyone to set up).

There are positive experiences here as well, maybe I was starting to sound a bit grumpy so let's go over a personal favorite of mine, the videos. These were actually pretty good quality and I enjoyed a lot of them, you have to watch them in segments though, but other than that it's ok. There are far, far from as many movie sets as there are picture sets so you run out of videos pretty fast if that is what you are aiming for, and it sure was for me. The pictures were a mixed pleasure in many ways. The site claims to be 1. new and 2. feature nothing but exclusive content… I have to chew on these statements for a while because either they are using 5-10 different cameras here or recruit different photographers who don't care about quality because serious a lot of these picture sets look like they are at least 5 years old, but then sometimes you would come across some nice pictures in good sharp quality with a nice looking girl. The pictures didn't really make me want more, I think I went over max 20 sets just to see the difference after that they all started to seem pretty jaded. I think that's impressive if this is all new exclusive content, then it really isn't up to present standard.

A little treat I did allow myself for a while longer were the live chats they offer together with clubseventeen. These live chats are absolutely free for members and as opposed to other sites like this you don't have to pay more to get them to strip naked and masturbate or do what you say, you just have to make yourself heard as the channels can get a bit crowded. These livechats work extremely well, the speeds are awesome and changing between the obligatory 3 cameras is a snap. I came back a few days in a row and enjoyed this feature, however it was pretty boring when the girl didn't speak English ;)

I am not sure why this site needs to be this expensive, I realize they are specializing in the teen niche but they can't touch sites like atkingdom, teendreams or greatgirls that are all much cheaper per monthly subscription. The pictures were not worth writing home about and the video were too few and hard to find. All the hidden ads feels like they just gotta squeeze every extra penny out of the people they already overcharged for their site, but on a happy note, I did enjoy the live chat. Mediocre teen site, but with a very dedicated webmaster whom I guarantee I will hear from in the future when his site is a lot better because the site is just starting out and it's actually looking promising.


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