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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, Windows

Prices: $7.97/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days

Review of Sammy 4 U:

Ladies and (mostly) gentlemen I introduce to you: Sammy! Sammy runs her own amateur site and she actually does it pretty well. Maybe 5 years in the business has given her the necessary experience, and this is actually how long she's been around. This of course gives us a varied mix of new and old material which of course all adds up to a shitload of Sammy content to get through, and there is nothing left for me but to dive in there.

Let's kick it off and actually look at the site, we see Sammy, a very dedicated webmistress with a kinky personality that would make Howard Stern look like a choir boy. Sammy IS in a steady relationship but they are natural born swingers engaging in sex with others including elaborate group sex gatherings. Sammy makes it perfectly clear before joining the site that there is basically nothing she won't try in front of the camera, so if there is something you feel missing from the members area you are free to communicate this to her and she'll most likely shoot it for you.

I've been skating through a lot of her photoshoots though I didn't get around all 200 of them of course, and there is something missing I couldn't immediately spot it. What did strike me while going through the picture archive was that they were not categorized. The shoots are just index by numbers and of course sampled by a thumbnail per shoot, which is always nice, still you could easily get lost here because it could be kinda tricky remembering which pages you had already been to, was it 61-80 or 41-60 ? Some categories like: Blojobs, Girl/girl, Anal, Just me or something like this would have been a great aid here and made it easier to go at it. Sammy already does description of almost every set so I think actually making the categories shouldn't too much work.

While we are on the pictures I think it's relevant to say that the quality difference between the first 100 shoots and the last 100 is pretty big. Honestly it was more of a duty go through the set 1-100 because the resolution was low and the sharpness unimpressive. Then it seems Sammy got her hands on a new camera and from then on out we get nice crispy high resolution pictures. I guess we have to put up with these differences on single girl amateur sites that have been around for a while.

This quality difference is also an issue with the downloadable movies, but Sammy is upfront about this and explains why this is and it's basically because the first movies are from 1999 and technology wasn't available to do it right back then. This raises a valid question I think, is it better to keep poor quality around to juice the quantity or is it better to weed out once in a while to ensure smooth and high quality experience all the way?... I see it both ways really. Once again it's the last part of the clips that's the best part, here we get some longer clips, whereas in the first half we only get 1½ minute clips, I wouldn't go as far as to calling this movies, just clips ;) I think quality is rather good all around though, just the duration of half the movies is a bit unfulfilling if you know what I mean. On side note, the REALLY old clips are zipped in packages for you (these are without sound), I thought this was a nice service really, maybe they could extend that .zip idea to the pictures…..?

Let's not forget about the webcams here because it's actually a big part of the site, getting you access to 4 live sites where Sammy appears regularly for shows. The most interesting here would be where the girls have 3 cameras installed in their house giving us a glimpse of their every day life 24 hours a day, live. I thought it pretty neat though I only got to watch Sammy sleep for about 10 minutes then I logged off. This was neat though and a live site I hadn't visited before, I found it fun to take a peak on all the other girl's cams as well.

Updating is pretty regular, but if I was to shoot in another complaint here it would be the presence of ads and attempts to do upsells in the members area. Also we have to put up with some popups outside the members area.

Sammy's site is a pretty well executed amateur girl site even if it gets a bit confusing at times. It could be a bit more user friendly with a little less flashy design, and the old material, I just don't know if that's good or bad, I mean it's pretty weak quality, but it still amounts to a lot of extra content so. Sammy just makes 3½ stars in my book as I really think she is a dedicated webmistress who goes a long way for her members and takes requests seriously. She also keeps an online journal and has the obligatory "about me" section for us with some weird links thrown in to the mix, a bit more order please.

Bottom line: This amateur site doesn't stand out


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