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Review of Mr Pinks:

Sometimes, writing the actual review of a site is more entertaining that surfing it, and yeah you guessed it, that's how I feel about this one. I never really got my hopes up too high about this site because by the time I got the second page of the tour I had already recognized almost all the samples, and the reason for this is simple; there is not one piece of exclusive material here whatsoever. Once again we are dealing with our good friend Matrix Content, an adult content provider that a TON of webmasters buy from because the quality is really quite good. I might sound a bit harsh in the rest of this review but let me say right off the bat, that mrpinks isn't by any means a scam or even a bad buy, it's that it's similar to hundreds of sites out there that use the exact same content so that kind of eliminates the chances of this site ever getting over 4 stars right there.

- note

I just got a mail forwarded saying only some of his material is from Matrix Content, which after a closer look I see he's right about. It's still licensed content and nothing is produced here.

Sure I could look at some of the pictures again that's never a total let down with matrix content, but a lot of things combined made think that a lot of other matrix-content-sites do a much better job than this one. The funny thing is, if you go to the front page of the site you'll see quotes from other review sites, and I must say they sure know how to put a good spin on any site. I actually disagree with most of their comments.

I think the design looks "simple" for lack of a better word and it's a good example of how someone who's not really good at making web pages or designing, can set up his own porn site and start making money. Before I knew it I had 10 open browser windows because every time you want to see a new gallery, a new browser is opened. I think the target should be same to avoid this confusion. Also, all the thumbnails for every gallery must be loaded in one sitting because they are all in the left frame listed vertically. Even on a 2mbit connection I would have to wait for about 30 seconds before all thumbnails were loaded and I could actually start browsing. Browsing these galleries is not really exciting, it's just totally white background, there really is absolutely no theme here.

Ok let's break it down a bit here before we continue. The site is a hardcore site dedicated mainly to the pornstar niche, a niche that I actually enjoy myself, but only once in a while because it's almost always the same content you get, as with this one. Don't ask me why but I have always been partial to Jill Kelly for some reason, and I saw that this site advertised that it had some pictures of her, in fact, on the tour all the thumbnails have the girl's names listed above them, so you would think you would be able to browse by names right? Well you can't. I was confused about this and quite frankly annoyed, why would you make such a big deal out of the names you feature when you guess where their pictures might be hidden in the categories you have to go through? I found one whole photo shoot under the "point of view" category, well go figure, at least the galleries are listed alphabetically, that's something.

As I started to go through the 7 categories with the content they advertise I started to realize that the webmaster hadn't even bought that much content yet and some of the shoots are actually FREE at matrix content…. After this we have to go through the usual leased material jungle, but frankly I wasn't up for it this time. Sure you get a lot of porn here, no doubt about it, but it's unoriginal and very oversaturated by now, there sites that offer a lot of these shoots just as bonus material next to their own exclusive content. If you don't recognize any of the thumbnails on the tour though you get approximately 90 photo shoots here in various categories, soft as well as hardcore.

Check out zpornstars instead, has all the content featured here and much much more.

Bottom line: Standard porn site, and doesn't impress in any way.

7 days trial: $5.95

1 month: $19.95

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