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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MP4, Windows

Prices: $29.82/30 days
$49.82/60 days
$59.82/90 days
$99.95/180 days

Review of Dream Stash:

Steve at Dream Stash promises you to find the very best and hottest models, get them to do a solo-show and then get them to perform with him – and I must say… Steve is a man keeping his promises. This is absolutely a site you could get addicted to.

What we have here is, in my opinion, a preeeety hot site, with quite a nice and in a way kind of decent design. But don't be fooled by me using the word "decent" here. Sign up and you'll have access to a hardcore photo gallery, short- and full-length video sequences starring 21 different models. Good-looking, perfectly shaped and – last but not least – horny girls performing in a way, teasing a lot more than just the camera. I believe that Steve wants to give us the impression, that these girls are amateurs, and some of them - he says - perform in front of a camera, for the very firs time. To be honest the models seem somewhat more than just amateurs to me. But never mind - I like the concept so just keep it coming to me.

At Dream Stash we are dealing with exclusive material, filmed by Steve himself. And maybe I should also mention here, that the site include short stories describing the girls and how the sequences were actually made. For an example you will be able to read about Angelina, who at first, only agreed soft-sex pictures to be taken but ended up taking "the big ride" in the carrousel. And thank you god for that one!!!! Nothing on the site is leased. The quality of the video sequences, which you are able to download, is very high and even when you choose full screen you'll get exceptionally sharp pictures.

Beside the girls there are in fact several things I like about this site. To me for example, it's quite a relief that I'm not constantly disturbed by stupid pop-ups and links to every other porn-site. At the same time the site is very easy to navigate. And I´m given the impression that costumer service is taken very seriously here. Once you sign up its possible to get influence on the content of the site. As Steve him self put it: if you have any special request, don't hesitate to Contact Us.. If there is a particular girl you would like to see more of or if there is a certain girl you would like me to try to get for the site, please let me know. – Who could stand back for that challenge???? The problem though, is that I cannot find any specific promises on updates.  

Summing up my overall impression of the site, is that it could cause a serious amount of right hand injuries! The rating here must nearly hit the roof ! I have to give it 4 stars. I cannot take it quite to the top yet because of the limited amount of models and the lack of promised updates. But Steve – I have to say that you've really got something going here, that more than matches your prices. My impression is that this is a pretty young site developing in the right direction. So listen to me Steve: As a motivating factor I´ll save a higher rating till the next time we meet. Which I hope will be pretty soon. Keep up the good work!

Comments by Pornliving:

I pretty much agree with this review I would infact describe it as good porn-craftsmanship through and through. As mentioned earlier in the review the content isn't overwhelming yet but it will get there as Steve still updates approximately 3 times a week. The best part of the site for me was the way everything was extremely organized, of course the usual and required separation of video and photo section, but still connected through each model and the option to download complete photo sets in a .zip file certainly deserves a mention as well. The smart thinking continues as the videos are available in the obligatory segments but also as a complete file, this complete file is also .zipped for some reason and this is, if not overkill, then a bit unhandy for those of us who like to just click the "open" button and start watching the clip in all it's glory.

The good:

- Cute and happy go-get-em models

- high quality video, full movie downloads

- Extremely easy and logic navigation with no fuzz whatsoever
- high resolution photos

- healthy mix of hardcore and softcore (each model has done both it seems)

The bad:
- Resolution of pictures is high, but they can still seem a big out of focus at times

- Medium content archive (the site is new so let's not dwell on it now)
- Zip packed DivX clips (why?)

- Speed was quite low for me most of the time, I hope this is a
temporary condition though.

Doesn't take a genius to see you get pretty good site, which in 2 months orso at the current price will qualify for 4½ stars without breaking a sweat.

Bottom line: Solid porn-crafting!


Reader comments:

Comment by: annegerb Rating: 07-06-29

Hey they DO have some hot girls... But sometimes the video is small and I don't get it: why do they stop it when it's getting to the best part at the end?? There are some videos which I think are not complete.

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