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Review of Rookie Facials:

This is a recycled review of We were actually given access to this package deal by CEN (the company who runs the sites) but due to a technical error of some sort our account was shut down prematurely. We are working on getting access again to better portrait For now this review will let you know about the quality and also describe in details which you also get access to when signing up for

A complete and detailed review of this site is to come.

I thank the lord that I am a member of the male gender because lately a new craze on the net is trying to prove how easy/dumb women can be, and they are succeeding pretty well if you are to believe all the storylines. Let's sum up some of the angles that has been played on the girls at other reality sites; We've seen them be hypnotized, offered fake money, getting busted by fake park rangers, getting busted by fake immigration officers, promised acting careers and seen girls paying the rent with sex. If reality sites were really real the future for the female specie would look pretty darn bleak now wouldn't it ;)
The fact of the matter is we love to see women getting tricked and exploited sexually this site is another one to fulfill this never ending need of ours. The angles are different from girl to girl but they all have one thing in common, they got conned !

con ( P ) Pronunciation Key (kn) Slang

tr.v. conned, con·ning, cons

To swindle (a victim) by first winning his or her confidence; dupe

Ain't that the truth, actually this site has some really great setups, of course they ride around in a car at times, but other times they just run door to door in a hotel, check out a sample of a plot here, all the videos have this kind of text describing it before you download:

"Luckily there was a hot blonde chick trying to sell drugs or we would have been shit out of luck! Amy came out of nowhere right when we where about to call it quits for the night. This Montreal slut was pretty fucking scared when we told her we were taking her to jail for trying to sell us drugs, so we had to try and loosen her up and get her ready for what we really want her to do.

We know that Amy smokes pot and loves to party, so we knew how to handle this toe of chick and get her to do what we want. What would the world be like without crazy club chicks like this?! There would be no easy sluts to take home at the end of the night! Amy is a drug using, dope slinging babe that is going to do what we say...Guaranteed!!"

They get a drugdealing girl and then use what they caught on camera to blackmail her into sex, I found this whole movie priceless and it went straight into my personal reality collection. The storylines are in fact the real strengths of this site and it's pretty funny to watch all the episodes and the guy who does the conning "The Catman" is doing a great job just like the famous bangbus guys.

The site is very new actually it hasn't been online for over a month yet so I think it's pretty nice that they have 13 movies online already is pretty nice considering that most reality sites launch now as soon as they have 6 or 7 episodes. Also they have put 4 reality sites online at the same time so you get full access to 3 other exclusive content reality sites with your membership here, even you trial access give you unrestricted access to all of them. After a quick count I think they have like 50 movies available that can all be downloaded.

The quality is good all around, and overall the site is pretty neatly organized but one thing that gets kind of confusing at first is the fact that some movies can be downloaded as one big clip, other in 3 episodes (most of them) and then 1 or 2 movies are only available in 20+ segments orso, that is 1 minute episodes. Like I said in another review, this just seems to be the movies that are still updated, once a whole movie is online it looks like they wrap it up for us in smaller clips.

Reality fans will like these sites for sure I liked a lot, you get access to, xxxproposal and as well and even if the price is $6 above the magical $30 it's a pretty good deal, but making the pages a tad more organized would be a big plus.

Bottom line: Good package deal, shegotconned excels in well executed storylines.


3 day trial: $2.95
1 month membership: $36.19

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