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Prices: $9.95/30 days

Review of Darker Pleasures:

Ok so before we proceed any further let me just sum up what kind of site you are about to read about because this isn't your average porn site as I hope the Fetish sticker I slapped on it should also point out. We are dealing with a fetish site, one might say it's placed in the harder end of this category but luckily it didn't cross my line to the point where I would have to pass on doing the review. The site specializes in Bondage and (here's a twist) breast torture pictures and stories. Now bondage doesn't really tickly my fancy but on the other hand I can appreciate the artistic aspect of it if it's done right, I will say right off the bat though, that the breast torturing part was pushing my limits a bit.

As fetish sites go my hat goes off to it because I think the whole setup is rather well thought through and does a great job of giving the lovers of this particular niche what they paid for (which isn't much by the way!). Now you already know that I'm not the great fetish fan and therefore maybe I don't know what is so fascinating about bondage for example. Well as I go through this site I think I get a pretty good feel for what the attraction is, and I think it's the well carried out combination of pictures and imaginative stories that accompany most of the galleries. I think over the years I have been categorising these type of sites as radical form of sex whereas now I see it more as alternative erotica because it struck me (unknowingly as I am) that there isn't really sex involved, in the traditional way anyways, on this as well as on other fetish sites. So what the pictures are, are just fantasies, a way to tease the mind and challenge a certain way of thinking, and if the pictures alone don't do that for you, let the extremely well written stories help you on your way.

It's hard for me to really review the pictures or the stories on their own because the two really lives in symbiosis with each other in a very creative way. What I enjoyed most about this site was the combined stories and pictures section where the pictures are merged into the well told and exclusive stories. For me it was fascinating reading really and it gives the pictures and extra dimension for sure. It's very convenient to see the scaled down pictures in the text as you read and I think it would have been an even better twist to perhaps link these to the full sized picture? It's no big deal as the pictures really aren't scaled down that much but still it would have been nifty… no? J

If you just want to go through pictures you have that option as well as just going through the stories and while I'm on this, if you want some samples of the stories here check out a summary of what's inside the members area here. So far I have just mentioned the pictures and the stories here and that's because this really is the main attraction here and well worth the low priced monthly membership however there are some other stuff available to the members here as sort of the icing on the cake.

Besides the exclusive pictures there are also some bonus pictures from strict times here, these pictures are a welcome bonus to lovers of the bondage and breast torture niche but the quality doesn't really compare to darkerpleasures own, so be warned about that. I think the "scream streams" are also worth a mention here, of course it is just streams, the descriptive name of this section gives away but considering the pricing here it's still a pretty good bonus.

To sum up a few other smaller categories on the site here I'll mention a few quickly:

- Forum (this is very new and hardly any posts yet but who knows how fast it grows)

- Surveys (these surveys help the users get some influence on new additions to the site)

- The webmaster's ramblins (the webmaster rambles about the stories kind of behind the scenes type of deal if you will, great reading).

- Drawings and Cartoons (stuff found on the internet).

- Wallpaper (this should be a given J)

- For the record there are a few other categories here, but these are the ones I found interesting.

So what are my thoughts about this site in general? Well I'll tell you this, I think it's a pretty impressive feat for this site to make me look on breast torture with different eyes. Overall I think the site is very well put together, the navigation is pretty good although I'm not a huge fan of the two browser frame navigation system, I prefer to stay in one. The quality of the pictures was pretty good without being extraordinary but the stories are not matched by any sites I have been to for sure so overall I found this a rather pleasant experience, one that afterall is done pretty tasteful and with a lot of thought behind it.

Updating is done before a dead each month which is the 15 of every month. An update includes:
150 - 200 images, four stories, two wallpapers, two teasers, at least two Ramblings, Scream Streams, etc...

Bottom line: Bondage and breast torture well executed and done creatively.


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