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Review of Yvons Training:

The guys at Gamma Entertainment have given a new guy with a video camera a shot and let him produce his own page, I hope I'm not the only one confused about the name of the site because Yvone is a girl's name where I come from, but actually the site is about this old chubby guy who "trains" girls in exchange for porn connections. I think I have to elaborate on this plot, what happens is, the girls who are wannabe-pornstars come to him to get connected and in exchange they have to suck his dick whenever he wants. Of course he calls this training, in other words he is just preparing them for the porn world and giving them the skills they need to make it big in this world.

Gamma Entertainment is starting to have a pretty impressive track record when it comes to their reality sites. The first one they did was BrunoB and though this site has proven to become extremely oversaturated over the past few months I still think it's pretty good, and when it came out it was one of the best. After BrunoB they launched their lesbian site; which made a former reviewer here go ecstatic in his review. This is now their latest attempt to top themselves and while it has been out for a few months (I just haven't gotten around to it!) it's still pretty new. I think it might even be an advantage that I waited a bit because already the archive is bulging.

The keyword when describing Gamma's video sites has always been quality, and this one is definitely no exception. I had started to accept a more blocky quality in full screen on most video sites so this one really took me by surprise. When I blew up the movies here to full screen I got a very sharp and fluid picture, it's really a pleasure to watch them. Of course I'm talking about the highest quality clips here (700) but for low bandwidth users there is also 228 and 650 connection clips available.

Of course I was trying to get away with a trial pass for this site and review it from there, but a trial membership has restrictions just like a lot of other reality sites these days. When you are a trial member you can only watch or download the first 2 pages of videos (18) and the last 5 pages you can just browse but not actually download the videos. I've let my opinion on this be known before but I'll state again that I'm fine with this way of doing business. We still have to remember that porn is a business and lately we, the internet porn consumers, have gotten more clever and we have been exploiting the trial access for a long time before the companies woke up and restricted us. I've heard some people complain that they were not able to totally strip a site of all it's content after paying a $3 trial membership fee and that's when I realized that in order for the sites to keep the trial option alive was to make sure they were not just being victims of hit and run porn-pros. You get a cheap peak behind the scenes of the site and if you want it all you have to pay for it, fair enough.

When you have full access you get close to 70 exclusive reality videos and they are all "training" videos, that is, they are not located on other sites or anything, I don't need to tell you that this is an impressive archive of videos and it's still updated once every week.

I think you should really check out the samples before you join because I don't know exactly how many people get a kick out of older men screwing young women. In other words, if you like the set up you are sure to get a lot of exclusive content and high quality. I rather enjoyed watching the girls getting their first lesson in porn though who really looks at the guy anyways? ;)

Still pictures are available of all the shootings and a picture archive or roughly 50,000 Gamma pictures is also available, this archive is the same as on all Gamma sites though, but if you haven't joined one of their sites before you could get a kick out of these pictures as well, I didn't dwell on them though.

Just to top all this shit off I learned to my great amazement that as a full member I also got complete access to BrunoB and Lesbo101. That means hundreds of exclusive reality videos this should be a HUGE bonus for those who haven't already tried out brunob or lesbo101 or are thinking about rejoining, through here is the way people.

Bottom line: An excellent buy!


1 week trial: $4.95 (restricted access and only
1 month: $29.95 full access to this site + BrunoB and Lesbo101

3 month: $69.95 full access to this site + BrunoB and Lesbo101

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