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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $1.00/1 day, rebills at $39.97
$29.97/30 days
$59.97/90 days

Review of Border Bangers:

What we have here is a pornliving exclusive. This site isn't actually supposed to open to the public until later today but I have been stalking the webmasters to see what their next move would be after being so excited about their whole reality package. is run by Triple X Media (TXM) just like all the others but this one is more on the lighter side in the reality category than the others might be and this is a good thing in my book. This site has a creative story line, very creative actually, I found the clips here both fun and hot.

The storyline summed up shortly, is about these border police guys who cruise around for girls who they have gotten a tip on are in the country illegally. Usually they have to go around town to track them down but of course they always do and when they do the girls are faced with a choice, a choice that can literally be boiled down to ‘put out, or get out'! Naturally the girls want to stay in the old US of A so they all come to the conclusion that maybe fucking an immigration officer would be worth it, so…..

It may not be fair reviewing a site before it's even opened but I just couldn't help myself, being that I am a reality fan and because TXM are known for always making downloads available ranging from low to high quality and multiple medias. On top of that they update weekly and they give us a shitload of content for our money. Their impressive reality package now includes the following sites:

And now

All these sites together offer a large quantity of reality movies, and you get access to each and every one of them when you sign up. All frequently updated, high quality and well carried out plots.

So far they have 6 movies of 41 minutes average available at alone and it will be updated weekly in the future, they get away with going online so early with it because of the huge chunk of porn they throw into the deal plus the latino looking girls here are pretty hot and I hope they continue to be so in the future.

Overall this is getting to be one of the very best deals for exclusive high quality and well produced reality videos, this package is definately one of my personal favorites in this category.

Bottom line: a sweet deal just got better.


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