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Review of Angels of Porn:

Updated 22nd of August 2003

Angelsofporn just did it again, they completely changed the look of their site, and this involves better navigation and much slicker design making the site much more attractive. The biggest change in this review would be the layout of the site, now it's much easier to get around here

And much nicer to look at. Of course the update frequency hasn't slowed down so the archive has grown a lot bigger bringing to 34 complete movies as of today. They still have their old-style stuff but now it's clearly pointed out to you that it's the old stuff and completely separated from all the new videos.

Angelsofporn is kind of a reality site, but then again it's really not. There are no screwy setups and the girls don't have to act like they just got tricked into sex. Still it's all about the videos and it is hardcore sex served chilled for our downloading needs. The way it works is that the girl gets interviewed with the guy sitting next to her and after that they go straight to the dirty business. The interview-intros are very cool, mainly because of the "angel"-models, they are all very cheerful and generally seem to enjoy spilling the beans about their sexual tendencies. In other words they'll talk about how they like to get sucked, fucked and rocked on daily basis with a big smile on their faces (and they always remember to say they are with so that we know this is exclusive stuff).

Camera guy: What's your name?

Girl: My name is Cindy Crawford

No it's not her but I thought this would be a good way to dive into the whole "angel" discussion because let's face it, the name angel does obligate. Of course this name was chosen because of the type of models they feature. The girls are all sweet and innocent looking and they were all fresh faces to me, I didn't recognize any of the models but I'm sure I'll be seeing more of most of them on other sites in the future because some of these girls are naturals.

Camera guy: Can I see your tits?

Girl: Sure!

This kind of interaction with the models, and even the hardcore, wasn't always part of Right now this type of setup with interview -> sex is the new style of the site with an archive dating back to December 8th 2002. Ever since then there has been a new movie added every week, no delays, no slipups, every week. That means that at the time of this review there was a "hardcore archive" of 25 movies all downloadable in .mpg or .wmv format cut up into segments, usually a movie is about 30 minutes in length and each clip is 3 minutes long. But what about all the material that was shot before the site changed it's style?

Girl: Oh I'm the dominant one

Camera guy: you are? Why?

Girl: Because I know how I like my shit to be done, I know how I like to get off and just some guys they are not all the same so… I like my shit the way I like it.

I could keep feeding you guys these lines because I have watched ALL the intros to ALL the movies. I mean show me a guy who doesn't like to hear a woman talk like this without calling a 900 number and I'll show you a gay guy. It's really fun interviews trust me on that one but that doesn't mean the sex gets boring, not at all. I saw some extremely imaginative positions here, in fact that seems to be the trade mark of one of the guys, is that he comes with all kinds of atypical positions and the girls are real wildcats on the sheets (or on the couch).

Let's get some cold facts on the table!
Well all the clips are very easy to navigate, and the new design is very simple yet slick nothing to put my finger on at all. The quality of the videos are all good with good sound, though I did notice a change for the better the newer the clips got. It seems they really have it down now and I expect all new additions to their archive will be the same high quality stuff. The oldest clips get a bit grainy in full screen and the sound metallic-like, but it really only is the first few movies, after that quality improves a great deal on all fronts. To sweeten the deal for us they throw in some leased content from Hustler, definitely not the worst place to get extra content from, but of course you might have seen it before. They have all the Barely Legal videos online to watch (streaming only of course) and some other stuff, it's a nice bonus.

A preview sample is available here.


2 day trial: $7.95
1 month: $24.95


Angelsofporn takes a big step to becoming one of the best sources for exclusive video clips here involving interviews with the girls. The new layout and the high and solid update frequency makes me highly recommend this site also because the price is right. Highly Recommended! and lead to the same site (we direct to just so there is no confusion about this anymore!


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