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Review of Private Dancer:

Once again I'm struggling to keep up with the requests made to me by webmasters, this time it's another single model site that I have neglected for far too long but has finally gotten around to making things right. I'm not sure if Shelby (the webmistress here) would appreciate me more after I finish this review as I in general found the website flawed in more than one way, but I'll get more into this now., this name does not just come out of nowhere, it's most likely picked because Shelby is an erotic dancer or stripper, I found this out while desperately looking for information on her to get to know her, that's what I find to be the best part of visiting these single model sites. Shelby, however, isn't exactly pouring out her life story to us, there aren't any "about me" section or something like it, you can put some info together from various pages from out side the members area but no a lot. From what I have gathered so far Shelby does private live shows with some of her girlfriends for bachelor parties, birthdays etc. and at the moment she is also working on a singing career and you can actually check out a sample of her singing Torn on her fun page, make no mistake, Shelby can sing. She is hoping to get a CD released within a year or so and if she keeps at it I'm sure she will.

Though I honestly enjoyed Shelby's singing I can't say the same for her webpage and just to start somewhere, the first thing that got me going was the design of the site. After reading up on Shelby I was ready to login so I did, and the first thing I saw was some video-clip links, well I wanted to check the pictures first so I hit the "Gallery" button (what would you think?) this however took me outside the members section again and into a sample page. By this time I had of course figured out that the "members" was the only page in the members area, button like "Video" and "happy fun page" were all available to guests but still the links were the same inside. This was of navigating confused me at first but I learned quickly that there was just content on one page and there really wasn't a lot of it, actually only 17 sets of Shelby and 4 video clips. Now of course the pricing reflects the amount of content but still, when you compare this site to others in it's category this one has a below average archive.

The quality of the pictures are also medium at best, they are low resolution and not very harp to look at, also the 4 video clips were of quite poor quality, even the .avi files that were around 55mb in size for 2½ minutes of duration were blocky and "laggy" and the filesize for this kind of quality is definitely a big waste. Shelby puts on a little strip show in the clips and for the duration of them the page is a little more personal and brings us a little closer but the quality just doesn't cut it. If you want though you can catch her live on but this has nothing to do with this website, in fact you shouldn't mention it if you go there to talk to her.

Overall there really wasn't a whole lot here to review, usually these sites gets by on the models personality and ability to make the members feel like they get up close and personal with the girl, this doesn't happen to me here though and the collective content wasn't enough to keep me occupied for more than 15 minutes. I'm not sure how often the site is updated, but it can't be often because it's supposed to have been up and running for a while but the archive doesn't reflect this. Still it's only $10 and that's non-recurring, if you dig Shelby and what you find out about her on the guest pages it's not gonna make you lose the farm.

Bottom line: This site need an overhaul in every way


1 month: $10

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