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Review of wow 18:, yeah ok so I'm going to assume that this is meant to be a teen site also because they promise us "real young babes", I'm not sure if that means we get some babes that are in fact young or if we get some really young babes, to save you the suspense I'll just blurt out that you get both, however, you also get quite a few 30 year olds passing as teenagers (it's not a pretty sight….).

Let's not focus on the girls right away, first let's establish exactly how original the content is here, well it's not the kind of high quality exclusive stuff we would have liked, it actually looks like it has been recycled at least 100 times before landing on this site. The pictures all look like they have been through a washing machine and then dried with a hair dryer, check the samples and you will know what I mean. All the most recent video clips had the same issues really but these are a little more complex. First of all, the latest update in the video section was done in February 2003 (6 months ago) and that was really poor quality in every aspect. But as I dug down in the archives I found better quality clips but this is also where I established that this site has no exclusive content whatsoever because I met our old friend BrunoB in these clips, these clips are also being sold off now making them awfully unoriginal.

They have made all the clips downloadable and for this I think them, but it's a bit of a jungle to plow your way through. Since they don't actually produce this material themselves but buy from various providers they are struggling with many different media formats for the various clips. You have to have it all ready if you are gonna watch them all: Quictime, Real Media, Windows Media, Mpeg and hell even .ASF (handled by windows media player too). Sometimes you can download the entire movie in one setting and other times you can't, the ones you can't are of course the best quality ones, I guess they would take up too much bandwidth ahwell, it's was a jungle to go through and quite boring, it was boring porn, you know the kind: Man meets girl, they fuck, don't say a word and then it's over… how original, hell they made porn like this before sound were added to movies ;)

I would love to go more into the pictures, nah I wouldn't, the pictures got old really fast, it was only "teenagers" or at best young women posing in softcore shoots, and if you add that the pictures all looked strangely out of focus it's obviously not for those of us who enjoy high quality softcore photography, it's just a bunch of pictures. For the record there are just around 100 of these sets, and they are available in high/low resolutions.

Last and maybe least, there is a "springbreak" section here and it consists of 22 clips all from the same event, just modeling girls really and all the clips were added in December 2002 and none have been added since, so it's a section, and each clip is of 1 min. or less duration.

I think it's become painfully clear during this review that I did not really enjoy myself here at all, this is where the reviewing part becomes a job more than anything else. I have been asked to review this one along with the site juicyloads which you get access to when signing up for this one and maybe it's sister site will bring up the score for this one quite a bit but for now I'll just say that this site is 2 stars in my book. By the way I found it ironic that at the frontpage this site gets the stamp "NEW WOW18", well not from where I'm standing.
( comes free when signing up for this one, that review is coming tomorrow)

Bottom line: Ma! Someone left the porn out, it's gone sour!

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