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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
$59.95/90 days
$119.40/365 days

Review of Club Sandy:

Hot diggity damn! My own private porn Santa has once again climbed down my chimney (no pun intended) and hung a big batch of porn over the fireplace and to tell you the truth this site is probably one of the most interesting sites I have seen for a while, actually this wasn’t supposed to be reviewed for a week, but I saw some samples and I just had to find out right away if the quality was really that good all over. Stick around to find out more because is now under the microscope.

Where to start… where to start, well let’s start with Sandy, now since the name of the site is you could be tempted to think that this was a single model site, but Sandy isn’t to be thought of as the only attraction here, more like the hostess of the site because there’s a lot of other extremely hot nasty girls here. I did all the read up on Sandy that she offers, her bio, facts about her and a FAQ all the stuff we want from a personalized web page and instead of boring you with what I found out you can read up on her yourself here. I’ll just let you know that I think Sandy is gorgeous and to see together with Sophie Moon for example is feeling like x-mas came early this year (check out the first picture sample). More of the same to make the site feel up close and personal is live chat, a web shop and the option to buy 100% personalized videos of Sandy, this was very interesting indeed. The prices are of course “expensive” depending on how you look at it, $300 for a 15 min. video and $500 for a 30 min. but then you also get to instruct Sandy on what to do during this video, what toys to use, what clothes and what she should, should she for example be saying “this is for you Pornliving” she will. It’s a lot of money, but still interesting to have the option and I’m sure people will be taking advantage of it.

Enough about Sandy, let’s look at the site itself and how it works. Well the main attraction to me was immediately the quality of the pictures and if you check out the samples provided both here and on the clubsandy tour you will know what level of sharpness we are talking and yes it’s the same quality all around! As if that wasn’t enough, new sets and videos are added on a daily basis, every damn day without exceptions and the easiest way to keep up is through the calendar. The calendar shows thumbnails of which set was released which day and what sets are on the horizon, it also says wether it’s a video or pix set or both. There seems to be a system going that every other day it’s a pix update and every other day it’s a video and then on Saturdays we get a combo ;) All the sets range from toy/masturbation to lesbian scenes to hardcore and it’s pretty well spread out so you get an equal amount of it all.

The videos are downloaded in DivX format (codec available on the site for both windows and mac users) and they are split up in segments of approx 1½ - 2 minutes. A video update is usually a 10-15 minute scene in high quality and easily blown up and viewed full screen. It would have been nice to download complete movies even if it would be 80 mega files, but they kinda make up for that by giving us the ability to download the picture sets in .zips (I like that!).

I’m just briefly gonna touch up on the design part but that’s not because it’s poorly done or anything, on the contrary, the design is well done all the way, both easy to navigate and extremely pleasing to the eye with lots of little details every where, most impressive for such a relatively new site (check out the login to the members area on the first page… nifty isn’t it?).

I know I have sounded like a used camel-salesmen here (a what?) but I really did enjoy this site immensely and I don’t have much negative stuff to say about it.
A few things that could be a small thorn in my eye would be that there are thumbnails of sets that are placed on the sister site and that you don’t have access to with your clubsandy membership. I think the sets that we do not have access to should not be previewed in this members section. Also the content isn’t bulging yet but with an update every damn day it’s a question of 2 months before we can pin the full 5 stars on this one because it really will deserve it.

Some other last minute comments I want to make is: Live chats with sandy every fortnight it seems, a “cancel membership” link always available and highly visible and Sandy has around 34 sextips for us that she has generously put online for us to read to spice up our own sex lives (not that I need it…).

Bottom Line: I’ll see you in da club!


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