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Review of King Of Tease:

Here we go again, one of those nasty ass mega-reviews and this time it's harder to write than ever. See the thing is that this is not a package that was created 3 months ago and then thrown together to make it seem like a good package deals. No, actually most of these sites have been around for years and in order to knock out some competition I suspect in the teen-area they decided to make this deal for us, and when I'm done with all the reviews here and all is said and done, this is probably the best offer for fans of the teen genre that is currently out there. The sites here are all jam packed with content but out of the 18 sites it's really only 9 that is worth bringing in for a closer look, these are the sites that are updated on weekly basis or several times a week and still has fresh new exclusive content flowing in. Also it is "only" 9 sites that you are given complete access to the last 9 in the lightspeed18 package just offer you previews of their members area and to get access to these you must sign up for each site individually. You might miss that as I did and therefore we will only be getting around 9 of the sites to which you get 100% unrestricted access to, it's still more porn than most people seen in their life ;)

Each site will be reviewed individually but given a collective rating based on the lightspeed18 package because getting access to all 9 sites is $5 more expensive than if you just sign up to one so that really isn't in anyone's best interest now is it ;)

Let me go over some common denominators for all the sites:

First of all most of the content is exclusive to Lightspeed, though a lot of filler content (leased stuff and so on) is added as a bonus, Steve Lightspeed is the photographer who gets all this stuff in the can. Steve seems to be working his butt off getting new stuff onto the sites, you actually get 12 updates per week spread out over all the sites, that's more than 1 update per day which is pretty darn nice.

Needless to say you are showered with teen photoshoots from hardcore to softcore posings and everything in between. The pictures are of good quality overall, the resolution is good and the sharpness is good on all the new pictures added. Some of the older stuff have some symptoms of their time but that was to be expected and it never becomes bad quality. Steve is moving with the times and is today making sharp crispy pictures.

As we go in for a closer look it becomes clear that 3 of these sites are the gems of the package and that is ls-university, ls-sorority and These sites are the ones that carry the big loads and the ones that will leave you hungry for more. Sure the others have pictures updated on a regular basis and sure it's exclusive but these 3 sites get the cream of the crop and they are also the only sites where exclusive videos are added and available for download. Now all files are available both in Real Media format (.rm) and Window Media format (.wmv) but the earlier years are just real medias. The quality all around is good though and yes you can download all the clips.


Individual review of

This site I have reviewed before and I was able to reuse a lot of the old review actually. The rating I gave this site back then on an individual basis was 3 stars and I don't think I want to mess with that.

Kingoftease is not so much a standalone site as some of it's sister sites (big sister sites) it's more of a filler site. Yes this one gets pumped up with exclusive pictures but it's not as targeted stuff as the others and you don't get any video updates here and no existing archive, in short, no videos on this one. They have categorized the pictures into different fetishes like uniform, sports, panties and teens (teen section being the biggest archive of course). Some of these section are a bit on the half empty side except for the teen one in which you can put all the sets I guess ;)

Navigating the site can be a bit tricky, you are offered tons of leased content in the form of bonus-whatever-stuff. It takes a little while to weed out the right categories where the treats are, the good stuff, but you get used to it and once you have been around all the sites you actually start venturing off to see what kind of leased material they got for you and if you have seen any of it before. I can't answer than one for you of course ;)

I would still give kingoftease 3 stars. It's not a spectacular site and it has no videos and if you bought access to this one alone I wouldn't recommend paying that price. Still it's a nice filler site for the lightspeed18 package but it doesn't steal the show at all.

3 stars

collective rating of all sites 4 stars, good deal.

Lightspeed18 package including 9 standalone sites: $39.95

(otherwise per site $34.95)


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