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Review of Survival Girls:

"I'm a survivor I'm gonna make it".... woohoo you think they have some naked Destinys Child girls in here, naaah me neither, but down to business because this site doesn't deserve too much writing.

First off, disgusting design and a sign of poor judgement. Text is shown in images so the frontpage takes forever to load even for broadband users.

The colors look like the site admin really misses the 70's and by all means go support him if you feel the same.

There are 10 girls here and you can chat with each of them. I tried it and boy did I feel cheated, nothing but a web based chat done in php with no feeds whatsoever, ripoff. And to top that off, you only get one photoshoot of each girl where they don't take their clothes off, but I guess that's how they "survive"

This site will try and trick you into thinking there is more content than what really is, this site is not even worth $1 plus it seems very much under construction, stay away.

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