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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $29.90/30 days
$50.00/90 days
$80.00/180 days
$89.90/365 days

Review of K Scans:

For over a year now I have been ranting and raving about how sites should keep their content in order, how it should be high quality and that we want info on the girls and just porn-by-the-pound thrown up to make a quick buck. Kscans was a real pleasure to navigate my way through, after a few minutes I had picked it up and was enjoying the smooth ride.

It's all arranged by model, meaning that you don't just shovel your way through random photo/video sets, no you surf them by model and this is nice. Each Model has her own page from where all her material is accessible, all her photo sets and her video sets of course. You can also always pull up the standard info on a girl by clicking the "see details" link at the top of the page and the producers use the left side of screen to write a lot about the girls and how the shootings went over, I love that stuff.

A very short excerpt example:
"…Judit was not shy and happily went along with the intimate tampon scenes. Judit and Cameron kissing with Judit's tampon some inches from their face away is a real wick shot. …"

The design is great, easy and a lot of work obviously goes into it and it keeps it's color style throughout the site.

I have some rather weird burps about this site and to keep it in perpespective I have decided to charge them by category.

The pictures are great all round, the quality is good and resolution is high, and the photographer does some very nice shots.

However, as you surf the site you start to run into pictures that are actually just video screen dumps and this type of low quality simply doesn't go together with the rest of the site. I wish they would take those out really, I mean you still have the videos they are dumped from.

Quality? Top notch! Full screen heaven can't put a finger on it. STILL I do have some points about these clips. First of all, they are not downloadable, sure I figured out how to do it myself but I seriously doubt the average user will figure that out. So for the rest of you this is streamed .wmf clips. (this of course always annoys all of us I know)

Another very weird thing about the clips, is that every clips has very loud techno music playing over it. Even when the camera is doing a quiet intimate interview with a girl you have to really concentrate to hear her answers because the music is just pumping at a rather high volume. I totally did not get the point of it, for some of the clips it's a nice professional touch but very out of place on most of them.


This is a weird point to make perhaps but because I did not go through the usual sign-up motions the type of pictures I encountered came as quite a shock to me. Looking on the samples I have picked out you might be thinking why I categorized this site as fetish, well I'll tell you, this site puts a lot of emphasis on extreme pictures like pissing, fisting and more. I'm only bringing this up because I still think the front page of the site can confuse other users as well. I went back outside and looked it over and I still mainly got the idea that this would be a softcore glamour site, but now I realize it's mainly targeted for those of you in to the more extreme stuff.

Maybe the extreme stuff isn't my cup ‘o tea, never you mind that, because if it's yours I think you get a very good semi-new site (started 2002). I liked the video quality and I loved a lot of the girls mainly because of the many fresh faces. I especially enjoyed Sandy and Sophie, but also hotties like: Judit, Móni and Iveta did it for me.

I personally think that a sister site could be launched that would just deal with the softcore part of it with out the extreme stuff because for me it was kinda weird seeing this beautiful girl telling all about herself on camera and you just think "boy! Let's see her naked" and the next thing you know she's peeing on the camera. Yeah yeah some of you are already breathing hard to get in there and check it out, to me the site is a bit of a paradox still.

Note that there are almost no men on the site, at least I didn't see any faces, but I did see some blowjobs, but it's 99,9% girls.

The site oozes quality and I have no problem recommending this site for those of you into the extreme niches put on display here. I skipped that part of the site and still had a good time and will probably check up on the site when it has a bit more content as well, it needs more of those new fresh faces, but don't worry, they update several times a week so it's a growing fast.

Bottom line: You like tasteful porn done extreme? Or do you like extreme porn done tastefully? This is it!


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