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Review of Cum Faced Asians:

"Me so horny, me love you looong time!". Sorry, I just couldn't help myself, it's just that whenever I see or even hear of an Asian site I immediately hear that line from Full Metal Jacket "But it ain't too goddamned beau coup!". If you didn't already think of women as submissive sex slaves who would suck any cock at the drop of a hat before that movie, you sure as hell did after, perhaps similar to this very site I'm about to offer up my 2 cents on. I got the e-mail about doing a review of this site and a chill went through my bones because I was sure this one was gonna move in to the whole bukkake* genre somehow (I'm not a fan) luckily it's just good old fashioned cum on the face that is referred to, so don't say I don't have morals damn it (*see bottom of review)!

If you go to the site you'll notice how very slick it looks and if the frontpage alone doesn't put a sparkle in your eyes the free video samples sure will, I mean I was literally looking behind myself on my chair screaming: "screw you guys, I already have a pass for this one!" because of the models, the great video samples and the very slick design promising a full throttled porn experience. So without further ado I put on my helmet, adjusted my goggles (it could get messy) and I kickstarted my way to the land of wicked Asian cum guzzling sluts.

I don't know why exactly I had the idea that this site was mainly a video site but I sure thought so before I went inside. However the first 4 models I surfed through was all pictures, and on top of that the sets differed in resolution, this made me realize pretty quickly that all the material here isn't exclusive, a lot of is though so let's not bring out the cross and nails yet. I would just like to point out that there are far more pictures than there are video clips and a lot of the picture sets are softcore posing nude shots, maybe it was just because of the name of the site I expected wall to wall cum dropping filth, still I skipped all the tasteful nudies. Luckily the site is categorized in "Softcore", "Hardcore" and "Videos" so it's easy to pick and choose. The first two categories are of course only pictures and they are of regular o.k. quality (mixed exclusive and licensed).

Luckily the internet is not designed like my VCR where I have to fast forward every time I find a scene boring I simply click (in this case) "Videos" and I'm right where I wanna be. Tissues? Check!

I can't put a finger on the quality of these videos, as a regular complaint I could point out that there are only 16 movies so far but given that I got to download all of ‘em in .mpg format and that that each movie (scene) is about 30 minutes duration I really do feel like I got my porn fix thoroughly injected.

The layout of the MAIN video page is nice and completely in keeping with the rest of the site, kept in the same colors and listing bla bla bla, all this change when you click a movie and have to start downloading segments, yes segments again and no option to download full movie in on sitting GOD DAMN IT! This page is a nice simple and uncomplicated white with blue underlined links to the clips (I swear to god that stuff gives me goose bumps still) it doesn't interfere with the porn of course it just makes the site feel uncompleted.

Getting back to the part about the segments, I realize that since each clips is about 2-3mb in size you would end up with 250mb file to download, still from what I experienced this site can handle it. I got top notch speed through my entire visit and I wouldn't have minded downloading full movies. I bet the bandwidth bill could get out of hand really fast if the members downloaded each movie several times. All in all these videoclips are nice to watch and of great quality and you definitely see some great hardcore Asian chicks getting down and getting the face full of cum.

a small summary
The pictures, while ok, didn't really make it with me. I liked the videos and enjoyed the high quality but there were still too few and maybe the site could use a bit more a theme. Still this is a very new site and tweaks are bound to happen along the way, I'm talking making the design complete throughout the entire site and getting more content specially on the video front.

Bottom Line: Pulls it off ok but doesn't stand out.
let's check it out later and see what happens ;)


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